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How Social Learning networks are helping Students to gain Quality Education during the covid-19 pandemic?

Updated on 05 July 2021
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Updated on 05 July 2021

The covid-19 pandemic has resulted in nationwide lockdown which has, in turn, affected many sectors. Unlike others, the educational industry was badly hit by the pandemic. However, the need to continue learning and teaching brought online education into the picture. As technology is now easily accessible to each one of us, educational institutions are making the most of it to let students focus on their learning. Now, students are easily gaining education with the help of an online learning platform so as to continue their learning amidst the pandemic. 

There are many platforms that tend to fulfill the educational needs of a student by allowing them to effectively learn and gain useful knowledge. However, one of the most beneficial platforms that is emerging in the education sector is a social learning network. 

A social learning network is in its initial stages and not many students may be aware of this platform however it is important to realize the potential of this platform so that students can make the most of their online learning. 

Here, we will enlist some of the upsides of social learning networks and how they have an extremely important role in letting students gain quality education during this covid-19 pandemic. 

What are the Benefits of Social Learning Network for Students? 

Connect & Collaborate Anytime with Educators 

When learning online, students often worry about finding a skilled and experienced educator who will teach them and provide them quality knowledge. However, when students take help from a social learning network, all their worries are put to ease. This network contains a huge amount of teacher base who possesses high-level expertise and experience in teaching. Students can easily get connected with these teachers on the platform. 

After doing so, they can communicate and attend online courses provided by those teachers. Hence, these networks allow students to find and collaborate with teachers from any part of the world without having to commute to the actual classroom. 

Interact Socially with Classmates & teachers 

The thing that sets a social learning network apart from the other platforms is that students can learn socially with their classmates and teachers on this network. They can constantly communicate one on one with their teachers and friends, or simply send a message via the inbuilt messaging feature. Not only this but students can opt for live classes and learn in a real-time environment with their friends. This is a highly engaging approach for students to take interest in their learning as they can communicate and learn with their friends together on this network. 

Social learning is very effective when gaining an education as students can focus and concentrate on their studies with full enthusiasm. However, students cannot obtain this approach in online learning platforms as they do not encourage social learning. 

Indulge in interactive Learning 

Along with social learning, there are many other benefits of social learning networks that students can witness. Among these, interactive learning tops the list. Note that social learning networks have all the features and functionalities similar to social media. 

On these networks, students can share or indulge in educational posts, connect with their friends, like/share/comment on each other’s posts, and do much more. This makes learning more fun and engaging for students where they can participate in their learning and gain useful information, both in a single place. Along with that, there are many discussion groups and forums present on these networks where students can post their educational queries and get the related information from other experts within minutes. 

Access to Personalized & Engaging Study Materials 

Social learning networks have tons of study materials that are personalized as per the learning needs and budget of a learner. Here, teachers customize the study materials as per the learning pace of each student so that they can indulge in their studies and understand the concepts fully. In addition to that, there are various forms of study materials that are published on these networks that engage the students in their learning. Videos, presentations, audiobooks, ebooks, etc are some of the prominent forms of study materials that are made available to the students. 

Social Learning Networks are Cost-Effective 

A social learning network is highly affordable compared to other learning platforms. Here, students can gain quality education at a relatively reasonable cost without spending much from their pockets. Moreover, the learning package can be customized as per the learning requirement of students. For example, they can either choose courses, study materials, mock tests, or all of these in a single package. Cost-effectiveness is what attracts students to establish their online presence on these networks and learn without any financial burden.

To conclude, there are numerous online learning platforms that are available on the internet. However, a social learning network is more reliable and useful for online learning as it fulfills all the educational requirements of a student. With its engaging concept, social learning networks promise to make online learning quite interactive and more fun for learners than before. 

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