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Tips to Excel in your RBI Grade B exam - A Topper’s Guide

Updated on 14 March 2023
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Updated on 14 March 2023

RBI holds a special place for all the banking aspirants as after clearing the RBI Grade B exam, they get access to various perks along with a prestigious job post. Working in RBI is a dream for many and to fulfill this dream, aspirants work with sheer determination. The main gateway for securing a job post in RBI lies in cracking its examination with the best scores. Needless to mention, with the popularity of this exam, there are lakhs of candidates who appear for this exam each year. 

However, only a handful of candidates can ace this exam on their first attempt. This can be due to various reasons such as fewer vacancies, high competition, vast syllabus, incorrect preparation strategy, and much more. So, through this article, we have curated some of the best tips from last year’s toppers that will help you clear this exam with good scores. 

Topper Tips to Ace your RBI Grade B exam 

Be thorough with the RBI Grade B Exam Syllabus 

Before starting your preparation, it is important to go through your RBI Grade B syllabus 2021 and be thoroughly familiar with it. This will prove essential in making an effective study plan and paying attention to difficult topics in particular. Note that there are two main phases for the RBI exam followed by the interview round. Aspirants must be thorough with the syllabus of both Phase 1 & 2 respectively to get an edge over their RBI preparation. 

Create A Preparation Strategy that Suits you 

After getting complete knowledge of the syllabus, the next step should be to draft a good preparation strategy for yourself. However, before proceeding further, you need to keep your learning needs in mind and only then start with creating your strategy. Identify how many hours you can put in your learning and which topics need more attention. In addition to that, always remember that the preparation strategy that you make for yourself must be in line with your RBI Grade B syllabus and should support your learning goals. 

Pay More attention to Economy & Finance 

Most of the aspirants majorly score fewer marks in the economy and finance section. One of the biggest reasons for this could be that they do not possess any background knowledge on these subjects. Hence, to excel in this section, firstly, you need to clear all your basics properly. Pay attention to trending topics and read them carefully. Lastly, give enough amount of time to this section in your entire preparation so that you can get a hold of all the topics easily. 

Keep Previous Year’s Question Papers in Handy 

With the help of the previous year’s question papers, candidates can easily figure out the RBI grade B exam pattern and the trending questions that are being asked in the exam each year. This will also be highly useful to improve your paper-solving skills and practice time management. 

Solve Mock tests for an Effective Preparation 

Mock tests are highly beneficial for practicing and improving your skills. In the case of the RBI Grade B exam, candidates can solve mock tests and get effective results after completing these tests. This result will prove insightful in knowing where they are lacking in their entire preparation. Especially when a candidate is weak in certain areas, these mock tests are of great help in improving these areas and getting instant feedback for their performance. 

To conclude, candidates should prepare for their RBI exam with pure hard work and dedication. You can follow the above-mentioned tips as these are crucial for clearing your RBI exam easily. Along with this, candidates should also keep an eye on the official notification of RBI and simultaneously check various aspects such as RBI Grade B eligibility, the application process, vacancies, etc. This will give you an idea about the examination as a whole. Good luck!

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