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What is the importance of an Executive MBA?

Updated on 14 September 2022
Ashish Verma
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Updated on 14 September 2022

IIM Jammu & Kashmir-Executive MBA has become very popular in the last few years. Many students have started studying for Executive MBA online due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The Executive MBA program is integrated in nature and completed in 2 years. The Executive MBA is for professionals who can work while studying to bring their experience to the classroom. Benefits of an Executive MBA: 


Executive MBA with various advantages, IIM offers the best MBA program in the country.

The benefits of an Executive MBA (EMBA) are: 


Be a leader 


One of the benefits of studying an Executive MBA is being a leader. It provides students with effective leadership skills such as decision making, business acumen and strategic thinking. It allows students to become familiar with business decisions, management and the complexities of organizations. It also helps job seekers get jobs faster compared to those without an EMBA degree. 

Conversion to GP 


Executive MBA is a general management degree. Students will acquire new skills and knowledge to identify and analyze the concepts of accounting, marketing, HR and strategy. He continues to help students become a general leader through a professional.


Work while you study 


The Executive MBA program is usually taught on weekends or in the evenings. This allows candidates to work while studying. It allows students to focus on their studies while working at the same time. The online Executive MBA has increased student flexibility. Students can study anywhere, anytime, regardless of time zone and location. It also helps participants explore job opportunities. 


Work speed 


EMBA students are often ambitious. This helps in improving student performance. Students who take the Executive MBA program are more likely to advance in their careers than those who do not. The best thing is that professionals don't have to wait for a job until they graduate. They can start their work at the same time as their studies.

Soft skills 


The EMBA curriculum also focuses on developing students' soft skills. Soft skills are just as important as hard skills. Soft skills include good communication, trust, observation, good listening, empathic behavior, etc. Soft skills help them both in their work and in their lives. Every company looks for soft skills in a researcher before they hire them for the job.


Add learning 


Studying an Executive MBA allows candidates to apply what they have learned directly in the classroom. The assessment given to the students is more effective in nature, allowing them to understand what is actually in the subject. It also helps identify gaps in the project that they can quickly address in subsequent research.

Learn from the best 


The Executive MBA program is taught by top faculty, faculty and experts with decades of professional experience. Therefore, it brings real world experience, challenges and failures of companies and their management. Theory is taught based on methodology, theory and analysis. This is seen automatically in the thought process and behavior of the students, as all studies are implemented simultaneously in the classroom.

Build a professional network 


The EMBA also helps students build a professional network while studying. Professional networks help connect with great companies in the real world. If they want to start their own business, a professional network helps them get off to a good start. It also helps them make meaningful connections with students and alumni.

Turbocharge a restart 


An Executive MBA boosts your CV. Having an Executive MBA and CV makes a huge difference in the selection process. Chances of getting a job increase if a candidate has an Executive MBA on their CV compared to someone who has not done an Executive MBA. In the selection process, the EMBA shows that a person can meet the difficulties and challenges of work and has the necessary knowledge in decision-making and strategic thinking of the company. Hence, it gives benefits to others. 


The Executive MBA gives you the opportunity to start your professional journey while working and studying at the same time. It helps experienced professionals prepare for real-life challenges and improve their leadership skills. It also provides job seekers with new job opportunities. If you are looking for a growth opportunity, enroll now.

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