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How To Improve Your Vocabulary In 3 Months - IBPS 2020

Updated on 30 September 2020
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Updated on 30 September 2020

Hey, has learning English made your life tough? Are you preparing for an interview or an entrance exam and are not able to crack the vocabulary and grammar section? Then you have arrived at the right place. Our experts have some tips to help you out with Homonyms, Antonyms, Synonyms, Word Formation, and Spellings. So are you ready to become an expert in English Vocabulary in the next 90 days? Then let us get started! In this article, we have jotted down some tips that will be helpful to improve your Vocabulary for IBPS exam and other exams as well.



These are the words that have the same spelling or pronunciation but have totally different origins and meanings.


• Make learning homonyms fun for yourself. Use flashcards and notes to revise these words. 

• You can stick these flashcards to your fridge and table so that you can have a look at them while doing your daily chores. 

• Try playing a fun game with your study-buddy. This will help you in remembering the words quickly.



These are words that have the exact opposite meaning. 


  1.  Create word families; they are extremely helpful! 

• As soon as you learn a new word, try and find synonyms of that word. This will help you in learning two words at the same time, and you will know their connection too!

• Make an antonym word chart and stick it on your cupboard. This will help you in revising words every time you open/close the cupboard. 


These are two words that have the same meanings. 


  1.  Try and learn synonyms and antonyms together. This will help you in constructing word families.

• Form a sentence with synonyms and write them in your diary. This will help you in remembering the meaning of these words.

 Note that IBPS Vocabulary Section consists of questions that are related to synonyms.

Word Formation:

It is the process of forming new words by adding some letters here and there. 


  1.  You can try some common suffixes and prefixes to get better at word-formation. 

• Try and look for two words above and two words below the word you are trying to find in the dictionary. This will help you in learning words that have similar spellings. 

• Read more and more books to improve your vocabulary.

  1.  IBPS Syllabus covers word formation so it is important that candidates study this section well.


It is the process of finding the right letters for a word to convey the correct meaning.


  1. Make it a habit to search for new words that you hear. This will help you in learning new spellings on a regular basis. 

• Learn to find spelling from the pronunciation of the words. This is a very powerful tip for those who are just starting.


We hope that all of the above tips are quite helpful for you. If you wish to learn more about English vocabulary, you can always log on to Study24x7. for free tutorials and resources on English grammar and vocabulary. Dedicate at least 1-2 hours daily for 3 months to study the above-mentioned tips as they will help you score good marks in the exam.

Also, here is a small motivation quote for you - "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop". So whatever is stopping you from learning English, take it as a challenge and get started now! Aspirants can refer to this guide and be ready for the examination with flying colors. Good luck to all the IBPS Exam aspirants!

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