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Questions For Digital Marketing Interview

Updated on 15 February 2020
Digital Marketing
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Updated on 15 February 2020

Imagine yourself as a digital marketeer? The sunshine sector offers a chance to flex muscles in terms of online promotions, digital strategies, building and maintaining a regular audience to meet a product or service’s goals.

Internships, courses and regular placements aside, digital marketers need to prove their grasp and insight into the marketing realm through a steady display of their insight and acumen in the field. That is possible through an excellent digital marketing interview.

We are here to help you crack this opportunity with this select list of digital marketing interview questions:

1) What do you mean by digital marketing?

When brand marketing is done online/digitally/through the internet, it is known as digital marketing. This activity includes SEO, SEM and link building techniques with an intent to promote one’s business and gain visibility for it.

2) What are the different kinds of digital marketing?

There are broadly two kinds of digital marketing activities - inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing - Inbound marketing aims at creating interest and engagement towards a product or service. It is a combination of all techniques which aim to bring users to a website and learn more about a company, its products and services.

Outbound marketing - Outbound marketing is an outward push of information by a company about its products or services. The company may do this digitally through emails, newsletters and content shared onto other platforms.

3) In digital marketing, what do you understand through SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the total of techniques aimed at improving search engine indexing and ranking for a website. These include efficient structure and organisation for the website, content creation and promotional activities to amplify the value of the website on specific keywords.

4) How relevant are keywords in digital marketing?

Keywords are an essential cornerstone for digital marketing - they are the index on which content and websites are indexed and found on search engines. 

A keyword is a search term through which we connect with relevant content — this relevance in proven by the placement of specific keywords on a website.

5) How does a search engine read ‘keywords’?

Keywords are search terms by which users can navigate and find relevant websites. For better visibility on search engines, SEO practices require specific insertions of keywords so that search engines can ‘read’ them.

Keywords should be put in the following positions -

Website URL

Website Title

Meta tag

Web page content - Body text and headlines.

6) In SEO, what is the concept of PPC or Pay Per Click advertising?

Pay per click, PPC or cost per click is one of the two ways in which a digital marketer can gain direct traffic for their website, through search engine and other website ads. With this technique, the advertiser pays each time a user clicks on a website ad and redirects to the website.

PPC rates depend on the content of the advertisement itself, its relevance to specific search terms or a predetermined rate given by the online publisher or search engine.

7. What do you know about Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is the advertising system run by the search engine Google. Here, PPC ads bid for prime position on relevant keywords. Each advertiser needs to begin by creating a Google Adwords account and adhere to specific rules when creating text-based or image-based ads.

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