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MPPSC 2020 Main Essential historical topics GS-II

Updated on 15 February 2020
UPSC & State PSC 2021
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Updated on 15 February 2020

We have seen many students searching for the historical topics coming in MPPSC 2020. The authentic parts are pretty tight; we all know. But if you have the proper guidelines and the subtopics, it becomes effortless to prepare all. Therefore we, along with our experts, decided to do some research for various subtopics to provide them for the students.

Therefore here is the big list of different historical topics that one has to cover. 

Essential historical topics for MPPSC 2020!

  • When it comes to the history of India, there are too many kingdoms who ruled it. Reading about all the kingdoms is a little difficult task. Therefore students always face a difficult situation to know about the different historical movements.

  • One has to read about the Brahmani kingdom that has ruled from 1347 to 1526 AD. It is the kingdom that has ruled India off for a long time. Many rules are made and broken after this.

  • After this, the Bhakti movement from the 8th to 18th centuries was the most significant movement of India. People have to fight in this period to get their place in their country.

  • Babur, the Mughal Empire, was the most prominent kingdom ruled over India for many years. The ruler has changed a lot of things at that time. The government had made many big decisions over that period.

  • After that, the CEO dynasty and period of Akbar was the most significant ruling period from 1540-1605.

  • After this, one has to study the Humayun that ruled from 1530 to 1556 over many parts of India.

Therefore there are a lot of sub-topics when it comes to reading about the history of India. Many rulers ruled different parts of India for years and years. People had survived for their living and had given a big fightback to all.


  • Yes, we know everything about all these things from the books is quite tricky. One will get bored while reading all these things from the books. Even the chapters given in the books are so lengthy and complicated that one will lose the interest to learn. Therefore going to the online websites who are providing short and sweet notes for the students is best.

  • The online websites are trying to collect all the historical data that could come in the exam. After analyzing the previous year's paper, the sites are trying to put the subtopics. We can't say that this is an important topic, and this is not, but we can say that this is the most crucial topic.

  • Therefore collecting the data from these online websites and then making your precise notes will help you a lot. Even you can ask the questions if you have any doubt. The professor is sitting on these websites are helping people allot. If you want the detailed notes of a specific topic, you can let us know.


 Till then read about the great history of India. You will get to know how people fought for their freedom and finally won. The stories are enough to encourage others to fight back.

All The Best To All The MPPSC 2020 Aspirants !

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