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Content & Quality Guidelines: Study24x7

Updated on 18 May 2020
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Updated on 18 May 2020

Congratulations on taking the first step to be an Educator on Study24x7!

Before your course is published on Study24x7, it has to meet certain guidelines regarding the content and quality. Our Quality Review Team will review your course and only if it meets certain criteria it will be published on Study24x7

Kindly go through the below mentioned guidelines regarding Content & Quality: 

  1. Before making a course please discuss the course structure with our Content Team/Educator Manager. They will guide you on how to proceed or the Dos & Don’ts to keep in mind while creating the course.

  1. The minimum duration of a lesson should be 8 minutes.

  1. For a course to be published it must have a minimum of 5 lessons.

  1. Do not use any type of copyrighted material like direct images of books, websites and newspapers, images or content with watermarks, images or content with sources mentioned, images from movies or TV series). The ultimate responsibility for the type of content put in your courses/ study materials rests with the educators themselves. Also, we strongly discourage plagiarism at Study24x7. Hence, whatever content you create in your courses should be 100% original.

  1. It is a good idea to create a small Overview Lesson for your course which describes the Course Objective, Target Audience, & a general Overview of the topics. You can also talk about your credentials and profiles so that students get to know about you. You can also explain to the students why they should take your course and what they will learn in the course. You can also ask students to rate, review and share your course with their friends and peers. The idea here is to connect with your students, so be creative!

Components of a Course:

  1. Course Title: This should be between 3-10 words and self-explanatory and catchy.

  1. Course Description/Objective: Must be clear, concise and should capture the interest of the learner. It should ideally be 80-100 words long and should summaries the course objective and structure. A good course description goes a long way in making your course popular. Please note that a course description is required to publish your course on Study24x7.

  1. Lesson Title: Should be concise & self-explanatory.

  1. Sections: The courses are organised into Sections. A section can be a collection of Video Lessons, Live Streams, PDFs, Quizzes etc. Try to divide your course into sections for better understanding and navigability.

Although, you can choose any interest from the list of our 50+ educational interests and make courses on any topic of your choosing, the best courses are those that address a particular need of students. Some of these needs can be: Test Prep, Skill Development, Career Oriented Courses and the like. You would reach a much larger audience if you address the pain points of your learners.

Please refrain from using any personal details e.g. phone number, email address, blog, social media links, website etc. both in the description of the courses and during the course.

Guidelines Regarding Videos And Study Material

  1. Background Noise: Make sure that while recording your lessons there is no background noise from the street, fan, AC or pets. Choose a quiet room to record your lessons. Use a good quality microphone and avoid breathing directly into the microphone. This will help you in avoiding unnecessary noise and make your voice clearly audible.

  1. If you are using handwritten notes, make sure they are legible and clear. Use a scanning software like Camscanner to scan your page and get good quality pictures.

  1. Please make sure that there are no grammatical errors, typos and punctuation mistakes in your notes of presentations.

  1. Do not click pictures of your laptop screen or your presentations. Take a screengrab or convert your presentations into PDFs for using in your lessons.

Guidelines regarding teaching style/presentation:

  1. Be enthusiastic and deliver your lessons with energy and try to make your classes exciting. Use voice modulation, appropriate pauses, questions to make the lessons engaging for your audience. Try to imagine yourself as a teacher teaching in a classroom.

  1. Try to maintain a lively pace while teaching. Avoid reading from the notes or slides. Making a bulleted list of the points you want to discuss beforehand helps a lot. Avoid unnecessary pauses and filler words like " Umm, Ah, Like, Ok etc."

Types of content prohibited on Study24x7:

The following types of content are prohibited on our site:

  1. Fraudulent, illegal, indecent, libelous, defamatory, content that harasses or discriminates against others;

  1. Content infringing any copyrights, patents, trademarks, other intellectual property rights of other people;

  1. Profane, pornographic, obscene, indecent or abusive content;

  1. Any type of political/partisan content;

  1. Content containing inaccurate information (intentional) posted with the intent of misleading others;

  1. Content violating the rights of other users of the platform;

  1. Content that violates any applicable local, state, national or international laws

  1. Any other content that Study24x7 deems fit to be prohibited to be published on the site

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