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Why all bloggers should create an online course?

Updated on 22 May 2020
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Updated on 22 May 2020

E-Learning industry is witnessing a drastic growth in the past few years. Right from bloggers to influencers and educators from various backgrounds are turning in the direction of creating and selling online courses.

Here we will discuss why bloggers should be creating their own online courses and how to sell online courses. If you are a blogger and have a wide audience following your blogs then you must know how creating an online course can become a full-time living choice for you. Usually bloggers are habitual of earning money through affiliate marketing and brand sponsorships, but lately selling online courses has opened as another source of income for bloggers.

Bloggers have developed the skills of creating relevant content over the time and it acts as USP when it comes to create an online course. Moreover, it is a welcoming change to both the bloggers and their audience to get a different type of content to read and learn from.

Online courses open a new channel of income

Bloggers depend a lot on brands and their success depends on how many brands approach them. Ultimately there is no sure deal that how many brands will approach you or how much money you can earn from them every month.

Creating online courses give you the freedom to take your blogging journey according to your wish based on your own efforts. You won’t have to depend on other brands approaching you instead you can sell your knowledge to those who are in need of it. If you are looking forward to gain more audience and get financial stability then you should definitely go for this option.

Bloggers already have a target audience

One who is not a blogger and is new in the online course making field would have to start from the scratch to gain the confidence of a target audience. Bloggers get the advantage here!

Being a recognized blogger in a particular field already gives you an edge over the beginners. The benefit with you of selling a course is that you don’t have to strive for gaining audience as you already have one.

You can validate if your course idea is profitable

Before launching a course the course creator must be sure if the course is relevant or not? Will it engage the audience? Is the idea of any help to a particular set of targeted audience?

All of these questions can ponder a beginner but a blogger can easily get reviews over it. You can put your course idea in form of a concept to your readers and their engagement, responses as well as feedback over it will answer all your doubts.

You already have your presence on Google

Bloggers know what Google is and how it works. We are all an avid user of Google but its usage is different when you are a blogger and you must be aware of its ranking rules.

Promoting an online course is not that easy but bloggers are already aware of the approach as they have done it many times with their blogs. Also, it is important to understand that everybody who comes on your course wouldn’t be that eager to purchase it but still it counts as increasing the ranking and getting recognition.

Bloggers know how to create content

Content is what sells, whether it is a course or a blog, and bloggers know this well.

Bloggers are really experts at creating content and here at Study24x7 you can create a variety of course content with the help of user friendly course creating features. When creating any type of course the most time taking part is researching on the topic. Bloggers are already experts at researching on topics of their interest and this is why they can create a course faster.

Promote your online course through your blog page

Till now you must have got the point that being a blogger has its own unique advantages. Your blog is one of the most powerful tools to sell online courses. Once you have launched the online course in the market you can drive sales through promoting it on your blog page.

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