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List of important books for CAT

Updated on 06 November 2020
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Updated on 06 November 2020

When it comes to MBA Entrance exam, the most common question comes from MBA aspirant is regarding the book/ study material for CAT EXAM. There are thousands of books in the market and majority of them are similar in their nature of content therefore it becomes difficult for an individual to decide which book to choose. So here is the list of important books for CAT that will help you boost your preparation and excel in your exam.

CAT Exam Important Book List:

1 - Books for Verbal Ability And Reading Comprehension 

1(i). How to Prepare for Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension for CAT -

This is one of the best CAT Exam books for study. It covers all important topics : Reading comprehension, verbal reasoning and verbal ability. It has several mock papers for preparation. 

Where to buy - Amazon

1(ii). The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT -

This book by Pearson is overloaded with plenty of exhaustive test papers for the individual as well as problem solving approaches and techniques. Even this is one of the best CAT Exam books for study.

Where to buy - Amazon.

1(iii). Word Power Made Easy -

This book is best for building vocabulary . It is not just a book to read but a book to work on daily. Not only will it help you ace exam but also prepare you for GD, PI and interviews. 

Where to buy - Amazon. 

Along with these books, candidates are should follow certain tips & strategies to improve verbal ability.

2. Books for Quantitative Ability 

2(i). How To Prepare For Quantitative Aptitude For CAT -

This book is very detailed and very easy to understand with plenty of practice questions and approaches to ace CAT. It is one of the best book to consider for an individual giving CAT.

Where to buy - Amazon.

2(ii). Quantitative Aptitude Quantum -

This book is tailor made for CAT aspirant. The content is very enriched with concept wise detailed explanation of chapters.

Where to buy - Amazon.

2(iii). Quantitative Aptitude For CAT -

This book is written by an IIM alumnus who specializes in CAT Training. This book focuses on in depth understanding of core topics.

Where to buy - Amazon.

3. Books for Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning 

3(i). A Modern Approach To Logical Reasoning -

This book is best for the aspirants who have just started preparing for CAT. This book is occupied with basic reasoning problems, logical puzzles, conclusions statements etc.

Where to buy - Amazon.

3(ii). How To Prepare For Logical Reasoning Data Interpretation for CAT -

This book is considered good not only for CAT but also for other entrance exams. Each topic is explained with solved examples. There are several mock papers for self assessment.

Where to buy - Amazon.

3(iii). Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation -  

This book by Nishit Sharma covers advance topics with the help of examples. It is useful for other competitive exams like CMAT, SNAP, GMAT, MAT etc.

Where to buy - Amazon.


This was the complete list of important books for CAT. There are plenty of other competitive books in the market, but these are by far the best and the most popular books to help anyone preparing for entrance exams. Good luck!

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