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How to edit a published course content ?

Updated on 02 June 2020
Vikas Sharma
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Updated on 02 June 2020

Hello Guys ,


*How to create a course*, i have already discussed in my previous article. In this blog we will discuss about editing process of a course after successful publishing.

The process of creating a course is -

1) Create a page

2) Provide course type and then course details, Decide course setting and pricing

3) Add course content

4) Send for preview and publish

"Motive behind the editing a published course is while educator wants to add some more contents in the course or want to add a new class for the same course."

Once the course is published, Few simple steps to edit a published course.

Step 1:

From home page need to open my page tab from where educator can open his/her created page.

Open the related page which one contains course for editing from number of pages available in profile .

Step 2 :

Open that course which have published tag on it and

which one educator wants to edit further -

Step 3 :

Educator need to open that course and follow the unpublished button as available

with the flow chat on left menu as -

Step 4 :

After unpublish a course successfully we have to follow the same steps as guided in course creation just go to course content tab by following save and next button.

And here educator can provide the section name again which one want to add in course contents or schedule a live stream as discussed in previous blog easily .

Step 5 :

On last after adding the required content educator need to republish the course by following save and next button and follow the republish button as -

Thanks & Regards,

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