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Top 5 best countries to do MBA abroad

Updated on 06 June 2020
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Updated on 06 June 2020

Master in Business Administration or MBA is the most sought degree program in the world. The course aims to provide better career opportunities and prepare students how to manage the company in every possible way. In India, the majority of students and working professionals consider an MBA at some stage. As Business and Management courses are the most in demand therefore getting an MBA degree from a best place is a stepping stone for someone’s journey.

There are many MBA colleges in the world that offer the best MBA programs. Here is a list of top places to get your MBA degree.

  1. United States Of America (USA)

USA is one of the most famous study destination for the Indian as well other International students who wants to study abroad. MBA is the most prestigious degree in the USA, with world class infrastructure and great internships students also get exposure to the latest technology and content through practical training.

To get admission in one of the best colleges in the US requires quality of work experience and it is mandatory for aspirants to clear entrance exams like GMAT and english proficiency tests like TOFEL or IELTS. 

Top B-school in USA

  1. Harvard University
  2. Stanford University
  3. Yale University
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5. Princeton University


 Compared to the USA, there are not many colleges to choose from but Canada is still one of the preferred country for Indians to pursue MBA. Canada has relatively low tuition fees, simple immigration process, stable economy, and presence of huge Indian population. Studying in one of the best country to study for an MBA comes at a cost. It can cost between 25 lakhs to 35 lakhs.

Top B-school in CANADA

  1. University of Toronto
  2. The University of British Columbia
  3. University of Waterloo
  4. McGill University
  5. Simon Fraser University

      3. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a good choice for the people looking for a shorter duration (one year) program. The UK is one of the leading nation in the banking and finance sector and offers excellent opportunities in service industries. Students can pursue MBA from top universities by giving GMAT and TOFEL.

Top B-school in United Kingdom

  1. University of Oxford
  2. University of Cambridge
  3. Imperial College London
  4. University College London (UCL)
  5. University of Edinburgh

     4. Singapore

Singapore turned out to be very popular among Indian students. It is one of the economical option for students who wish to study abroad. It is one of the fastest growing economies and has several large organizations. The total cost of education ranges between 20 lakhs to 30 lakhs. 

Top B-school in Singapore 

  1. National University of Singapore
  2. Nanyang Technological University
  3. Singapore Management University
  4. SP Jain School of Global Management

    5. Australia

Even though Australia is very vast, Australia does not have too many MBAs to be featured within the top 100 in the world. But the quality of education, immigration facilities and economical living makes it one of the preferred place for students.

Top B-school in Australia

  1. Australian National University
  2. University of Melbourne
  3. University of Sydney
  4. University of New South Wales (UNSW)
  5. University of Queensland

Other than these five countries, some of the popular MBA abroad destination are :

  1. Spain
  2. Switzerland
  3. Germany
  4. Hong Kong
  5. France

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