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How to prepare for current affair in SSC EXAM

Updated on 09 June 2020
Daily Current Affairs
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Updated on 09 June 2020

Ssc exam 2020 : current affairs has become a very prominent component in SSC-  Combined Graduate Level  Exam as many questions at every stage of the three-tier examination are asked from this section. Most of the aspirants whether they are beginners or veterans of the exam are still skeptical about ssc exam  preparation.

Some aspirants spend an indefinite amount of time researching about the “best website” '' and the ‘best coaching material’ website ' 'for current affairs and invest less time actually reading it.

Current Affair sources:

·Daily Newspapers (The Hindu (One English Daily))


·All India Radio

·TV news channels


·National & international News

Aspects of government / policies, policies of India which are at international level like - Act East Policy, International Institutions - International Monetary Fund, World Bank, United Nations Security Council, International Agreements Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Wasenar Arrangement, Start Treaty, Rights Issue, Social Sector Initiatives, Good Measures taken by the Government on Sustainable Development etc.

You can easily understand the importance of newspapers. All static portions such as geography, history, economics, politics, science and technology or environment etc. are a regular part of daily news. In addition, to answer the questions of SSC, we need to gain understanding of the relationship of contemporary issues with the static aspect and its analysis etc. When you are aware of contemporary developments and events, it is not difficult to prepare.

For the ease of the candidates, we have most important Current Affairs questions for SSC CGL 2019-20  Exam. Candidates are advised to practice the below questions to score high marks in the exam:

Free mock test :-

3 Tips to Improve Current Affairs Knowledge


2) Revise.


You can use the help of a trusted website to prepare current affairs notes. A lot of websites are seen when writing current affairs on mobile. From this you have to choose the trusted website. The most popular academic website for current affairs is which is able to give you reliable and up-to-date information about TOT Affairs. Here you will get information about all the topics related to OFT Affairs and you can prepare Current Affairs Questions from here.

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