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10 Advantages of using Social Learning Network

Updated on 06 November 2020
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Updated on 06 November 2020

What is the Social Learning Network?

A social learning network is a single place where learners and educators can collaborate with each other and can fulfill all their educational needs. 

To make it clear, let’s take an example of social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Using these sites people from all over the world can connect with each other and can utilize it for either professional or personal use. Similarly, there are many social learning networks that both students and teachers can make use of. 

This form of learning became a trend in no time after the emergence of online education. During this global covid-19 pandemic, all the educational institutions were instructed to carry online learning which led to the popularity of these networks. 

During this period, the education sector witnessed various benefits of online education and started to adopt it as a primary source of learning. Along with this, it gives an individual complete control to manage and take responsibility for their education. 

The number of online learners increased so much that even in this pandemic there are various Edu-tech firms that profited a lot. This is mainly because both teachers and students established their presence over an online learning platform and social learning networks. 

Did you know? According to various online reports, it is found that the e-learning market in India is expected to grow 360.3 billion by the year 2024. That’s huge right? 

Keeping in mind the popularity of online learning many students started to opt for a social learning platform to fulfill their educational requirements. 

In this article, we will list the top 10 advantages of the Social Learning Networks. Let’s dive in further to know more.

What are the benefits of social learning networks?

Wide Scope for Collaboration

One of the most important advantages of a social learning network is that learners can easily collaborate with educators from different parts of the world. This approach makes it much feasible for learners to find top educators from the comfort of their homes. 

Now imagine if you want to attend a course from an educator who lives in another country but has a presence on this network then you don’t need to worry. You can easily take up their course via this network and enjoy learning regardless of geographical boundaries. 

Access to Various Study Materials

We know that the traditional form of education consists of the same old books that include limited knowledge. Well, this is not the case anymore if you use social learning networks. The information which is put up on these networks is updated. 

On the other hand, learners don’t need to mug up the information even if they are not clear with the concepts. Here, educators create various forms of study materials for learners like videos, graphics & animation content, presentations, e-books, etc. These study materials are highly innovative and engaging and students love to learn from these materials.

High Engagement among Learners

Learners tend to engage more by using social learning networks. This is because they get easy access to various study materials, collaborate with their educators, connect with peers, etc. 

Also, it is beneficial for shy learners who don’t ask queries or participate much in the class. In such a case, they can seek one on one guidance from their educators or ask for help personally through call, message or mails. This results in improved participation from such learners as well. 

Social Learning Network provides customization

One of the benefits of these networks is that it is customizable as per the need of each learner. It means learners can access their study materials whenever they want to or can watch the missed online session again. 

This is not possible in a traditional approach where students don’t have control over their learning. If a particular learner misses their class due to any reason, then they cannot attend the session back or complete their notes on time.

Flexibility and Freedom to Learn

A social learning platform gives students total flexibility to learn. They just need to possess a good internet connection and device to stream their online lectures and they are good to go. After doing so they can take their classes from the comfort of their home. 

The main benefit of this approach is that learners don’t need to travel physically to the location which saves a lot of time, effort and money. 

On the other hand, they have total control over their learning i.e. even if they miss their session then they can attend it or access the study material anytime they want to. 

Get Instant Feedbacks from Educators

Technology has made far progress and so it has reduced the burden of humans. Learners get instant feedback from their educators using this network. 

Educators can easily evaluate learners using various software available online and can give them feedback. Also, they can inform them using emails, calls or messages. 

This will in turn help the learners to know their academic progress and encourage them to improve more.

Connect with Peers

Learners can connect with their peers using this social learning network. This will help them to discuss their doubts, solve problems and be on the same track as others. 

Let’s face it, an online approach can be lonely at times and learners can feel demotivated. In such a case connecting with peers from the same interest is very important. Learners who are prepping for the same interest can study together via these networks. 

Guidance from Toppers

There are multiple social learning networks out there where we can find testimonials from toppers. Learners will be able to read tips and strategies of these toppers that will help them to crack the exam with ease. 

Tips from toppers are really helpful as they will guide learners to overcome their exam fear and provide a clear understanding of the exam they wish to attempt. 

Get Future Ready with hand-on technical skills

We are living in a technology-driven world where knowledge of technical skills has become necessary. As the scope for online learning has taken a major hit, getting hands-on technical skills will become a necessity in the coming future. 

By making use of these social learning networks, learners get exposure to using technologies and can gain a good knowledge of it. 

Social Learning Network is Cost-effective 

A traditional form of education costs a lot of money for learners. They have to pay for tuition fees, extracurricular activities fees, infrastructure fees, study materials, etc. This gives a lot of financial burden on students who can’t afford this form of learning.

Whereas, by using this social learning platform, learners have to just pay one time fees for the course. They can save a lot on the unnecessary fees paid to the educational institutions and can gain access to budget-friendly courses and study materials. 

Overall: The importance of Social Learning Network

As we saw above, learners get a lot of benefits using this network like collaborate with learners, their peers, flexible learning, solve their doubts and get instant feedback, budget-friendly, etc. 

Apart from this, keeping in mind the scope for online learning will encourage more learners to opt for such networks. This is why world needs social learning network to enrich the form of education and adapt to the current changes. 


To conclude, we can surely say that a social learning network provides a lot of benefits to learners. Now they can make the most of their learning and enjoy education at their convenience by using such networks. If you are a learner who is thinking about opting for social learning network then say no more by referring to the benefits which we just mentioned above. 

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