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Scope of Medical Stream: List of Courses after 12th Science

Updated on 19 January 2022
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Updated on 19 January 2022

Choosing a career after class 12th is the most daunting task where almost all the students arrive at a crossroad where they are expected to choose a profession that will eventually affect the rest of their lives. Choosing a profession with a medical stream is even more difficult where there is a common misconception that the only option after the medical stream is MBBS.

This popular misconception is generalized based on the traditional options available to medical students however in this fast-growing world new career options are also emerging. Subjects like biology, chemistry, and physics have also added to this diverse field of courses.

There are numerous high salary courses after 12th science that students can pursue. So, now students have so many options that possess good scope to build their career after their class 12th. However, choosing among this vast field is another daunting task. In this article, we have listed some of the best career options in detail along with the high paying jobs after class 12th medical.


Medical Courses List

1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

MBBS will always remain on the top career opportunity for medical aspirants. MBBS has been the best course for quite a long time now, the reason behind this is the name, fame, and money attached to the doctor profession. It also allows you to serve the common masses. Thus this 5-year professional course is full of opportunities and is the best among the rest.

2. Post-Basic BSc Nursing

Nursing is another promising career in the medical field. Unlike MBBS it is a short undergraduate course of 2 years duration which allows students to work as nurses and midwives in the hospitals.

3. Bachelor of Dentist Surgery (BDS)

BDS is one of the high salary courses after 12th science for medical students as this is a fast-emerging field with a lot of scope. Due to high salary packages after completion of the course, dentistry has become a popular course among medical students.

4. Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)

Homeopathy has always been popular among the common masses as it involves natural treatment with minimal side effects which has led to the popularity of this course.

5. Bachelor of Pharmacy B.Pharm

With the ever-growing medicine industry, B.pharma is considered the most job-oriented course in the medical stream. This four-year full-time undergraduate course can be pursued by various governments as well as private colleges without clearing the NEET exam.

6. Bachelor of Veterinary Science- B.VSc

B.VSc is the another most trending job opportunity among medical aspirants thus a booming field where students learn how to treat animals. With the emergence of many government hospitals for animals, there is a lot of opportunity for vet doctors in this field.

Some other B.Sc Medical Courses are-

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology (Non-Clinical), Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, Bachelor of Technology in Biomedical Engineering, Respiratory therapy, Cardiac Care Technology, Operation Theatre, and Anesthesia Technology


Medical Courses and their Respective Salaries

Above we have listed some of the most popular courses among students for the medical stream. Students can also undertake these career options after 12th science PCM. The Next doubt which comes to every student's mind before choosing a career path is the scope of the course or whether the course is job oriented or not. Below we are providing some of the high package courses which will help you choose the suitable one.

Job Options





Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1 lakh per month



Rs. 4 LPA to Rs. 5 LPA



Rs. 5 LPA to Rs. 6 LPA



Rs. 3LPA to Rs. 4 LPA



Rs. 5 LPA to Rs. 7LPA



We have provided the medical courses list for students who wish to pursue the medical stream after their 12th. Inclusion of subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology makes the medical field vast but this also leads to extensive career scope. Gone are the days when MBBS was the only option among medical aspirants as now they have an abundance of options which we have listed above. These courses will certainly help you to grab high paying opportunities. 

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