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How to Score 90 Plus in Class 12 Non-Medical?

Updated on 21 January 2021
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Updated on 21 January 2021

Class 12th board exams are the most important exam in every student's life as it marks the end of school life and opens the door for higher studies. This makes it important to score well in these exams, but with a stream like non-med, scoring well is a more leathery task. Non-med is considered the hardest stream due to the vast and difficult syllabus. 

Students often wonder how to score 90 percent in class 12 science? however, it is not impossible to score the best grades in your class 12th non-med. Following a proper routine and consistent study is the key to score well in any exam. In this article, we will share some valuable tips and strategies on how to score 90+ in non-medical. By following these tips we will assure you that nothing can stop you from scoring high.

1. Start your preparation Early

Students with non-med streams focus more on entrance exams like JEE, AIPMT and decide to cover their board's syllabus in the last months. However, they are unaware of the fact that it can cause a major setback to their result. Students should know that in the last few months they can only cover the syllabus but cannot be mastered with the concepts in a month. To score 90 plus you should start your preparation early and keep revising the topics.

2. Focus on Numerical

Numericals can be a real game-changer in your board exams as they consist of the highest weightage in your exam. Every numerical from your NCERT physics, chemistry, and math books are important thus do not neglect them. Solve the numericals as much as you can and learn all the formulae related to them by heart.

3. Solve Sample Papers

It is important to solve sample papers especially of the subjects like maths, physics, and chemistry as they will give an insight into your preparation. Try to Solve sample papers within a three-hour time frame as in this way you will be able to prepare yourself for the exam day. This tip can also be followed if you want to know how to score good marks in graduation and further studies.

4. Focus more on High Weightage topics

To score 90+ in the exam it is important to focus more on topics that have a high weightage. Those topics are-

Physics- High weightage chapters of physics are- Optics, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, and Electromagnetic induction and alternating.

Chemistry- High weightage chapters of chemistry are- p-block element, electrochemistry, solutions, chemical kinetics, etc.

Math- Some of the highest weightage chapters of math are- Calculus, Algebra, Vector, and three-dimensional geometry, Probability, etc.

5. Do not neglect Language Subject

Students usually take language subjects like English and Hindi for granted and start preparing for this subject in the end. However, language subjects like English can increase your overall percentage to a great extent. You should practice passages, paragraphs, etc rigorously to score well in this subject.

6. Prepare Diagrams

To score good marks in subjects like physics it is important to prepare well for the diagrams as most of the questions need proper diagrams for an explanation. Draw well-structured diagrams on the day of the exam as it will interest the examiner and help you to score well.

7. Time Management

Time management is the most important skill to know how to score good marks in college exams. Managing your time during the exam is important because you only have three hours to cover those lengthy exams and especially subjects like maths and physics which are time-consuming. On the examination day, divide your three-hour time according to the weightage of questions. Always attempt questions with a high weightage first to avoid missing any question.

8. Be clear with basic concepts

Subjects like physics and math involve difficult concepts which makes it important to be clear with your basic concepts to score good marks on boards.


Now students must know how to score good marks in university exams with the help of the above-mentioned tips. These tips will help you to score 90 plus in the non-med stream but do not forget the thumb-rule that is learning the concepts religiously and following a standard routine to score good marks. Clarity of concepts not only helps you to score well in your board exams but also in your competitive exams like JEE. Other than that do not forget to make your answer script presentable with neatly written answers as a well-organized paper will also help you to score 90+ in the board exam.


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