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Study Time Table for Class 12th Non- Medical Students

Updated on 21 January 2021
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Updated on 21 January 2021

You must be heard of the fact that following a proper timetable is important if you are a student of class 12th non-medical. The point is why? Why following a strict time table is the key to score good marks? When we discuss the benefits and effectiveness of time tables, it is more than keeping you organized.

Time- table gives you an idea of your next step, It helps you to complete the preparation efficiently and gives a certain target which needs to be accomplished during the particular time. All these benefits are satisfying enough to motivate you towards making a time table. Be it a study timetable for class 12 commerce, arts or science it is extremely crucial that you make and follow one religiously.

Now you must be thinking of how to make an ideal timetable to prepare for your PCM subjects. In this article, we will give you directions on how to prepare an effective and well-structured time table for board exams.

Study Plan for class 12 CBSE

Do not make it rigid

Like any other part of your body, your mind also needs proper rest to function properly. Thus it is advised not to make a rigid timetable without any proper breaks as you will end up following it for a maximum of one or two weeks.

Customize your time-table as per your convenience

You can get hundreds of time-tables on the web but we will suggest you not try following a time-table prepared by anyone else because every individual is different. Make your timetable on your own after deciding on how much time you can devote to a particular subject. Do not stress your brain, always prepare a time-table according to your capabilities.

Start your day early

Do not frame a time- table only for the second half of the day as it won’t help with subjects like PCM which needs daily practice time for at least 2 hours a day. Thus it is advised to start your day early on a beautiful note as said by Benjamin franklin- ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’.

Do not Skip your Routine

To get success in life it is important to follow your routine according to the timetable you have made. Do not skip any step of your time table as it will affect your whole day. Following time table may look hard but if you are dedicated enough you will end up following it dedicatedly.


Study timetable for class 12 science in lockdown (Weekdays)

Step 1- Wake up around 6 am and start your morning time with physical activities or some meditation to relax your mind.

Step 2- Due to lockdown you must be having your online classes So Attend 6 hours of Online class, do not skip your online classes as it is important to clear your concepts.

Step 3- After 2 hours of break start your self-study session. Start with studying chemistry and physics for 2 hours.

Step 4- After Dinner study math for at least 3 hours a day.

This is the study timetable for class 12 science in lockdown and in this way, you will be able to study for 13 hours in your entire day.

Time Table for (Weekends)

There is no online class on weekends thus it is advised to prepare a special study plan for class 12 CBSE for weekends. Divide your free 6 hours among all the subjects equally, along with that cover subjects like English and Computer science on weekends.

We have given you a gist of how to prepare the time table by following these short steps. However, we will also suggest you cover those topics first that possess the highest weightage in your syllabus. Do not skip any subject. Always revise the previous topics before starting the new topic.



Board exams are not as tough as students imagine a picture of them. You can achieve your goals easily but only if you have a proper mindset and a well-defined goal. PCM subjects need a little more hard work than the rest of the streams but with a positive mind and a vision and by following a well-structured timetable you can achieve your goals. While preparing a study timetable for class 12 science in lockdown for your PCM subjects don't forget that your body and mind also need rest as only the well-rested mind can perform well. Good luck!

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