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How to Plan your Study Schedule for Class 9th?

Updated on 26 September 2023
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Updated on 26 September 2023

Class 9th is not as tough as other high school classes but plays an important role in every student's career as it is a foundational stone for higher classes. In 9th class, students learn the basics of the concepts which they learn thoroughly in class 10th and even in class 11 and 12. Thus to achieve a high score in high school it is important to have a basic understanding and knowledge of the concepts.

Students often wonder how to become topper in class 9 and stand out from others. However, like any other class, students find it difficult to prepare a study schedule due to various events happening at the same time. They need to attend school and coaching every day and are also prepare for prestigious exams like NTSE and Olympiads.

In this article, we will list some important tips on how to plan your study while balancing all the things. These tips will surely help you to get good grades in class 9th

Study tips for class 9 CBSE

1. Prepare Time Table- Preparing a daily time table for class 9 students is the most important stage while getting ready for any exam. While preparing a timetable, always focus on your weak and strong points. Allocate more time to the subjects which you find difficult.

2. Allotting Time according to Subjects- To avoid the exam stress it is important to cover all the subjects from starting. Design your timetable in a way that you will not miss any subject may it be English, Maths, Science, Social Science, or Hindi. However, you can allocate more time to subjects like math and science as they are comparatively difficult and need practice.

3. Self- Study Time- School students usually find it difficult to manage their self study time as they have to attend school and coachings regularly. However, after school and coaching time you still have around 6-7 hours left which you can utilize for self-study. Thus plan your timetable according to this time frame. Study for at least 5 hours a day.

Students also often ask how many hours should a student of class 9 sleep and study. Well as we mentioned above, dedicated some amount of time to self-study after school and take enough amount of sleep.

4. Homework and School Work- Revising what you have learned in school is important to clear your concepts. Students need to do their homework everyday. Try to complete your homework as soon as you reach home as it won't take much time and so that you have time for other activities.

5. Study Material- Do not wait for the exams, arrange your study material from the starting as it is important to perform well in exams. You can also refer to other books but do not shift your focus from NCERT.

6. Prepare Notes- Always prepare your handwritten notes as they are a summary of whatever you have learned. This saves your time as you do not need to find them in the textbook every time you revise the topics. They will be helpful for last-minute preparation as they are handy and you can quickly go through them on the exam day. You can also make sticky notes on difficult topics.

7. Play Time- Physical activity is as important as the studies and 9th class is not that tough that you can't spare time for play. Physical activity also makes the mind sharp which makes it important to include at least 1 hour of play time in your timetable.

8. Weekly Tests- Your study schedule should include tests as it helps to figure out the topics which need more hard work. Try giving one self-assessment test on weekends, for tests you can solve sample papers.

9. Do not Stay up Late- Do not mess up with your sleep routine as you need to wake up early in the morning for school and have to do study throughout the day. Take adequate sleep of 7-8 hours so you don't feel sleepy while studying.

10. Olympiads/NTSE- Prepare for Olympiads and NTSE on weekends as you have the entire day for you. Make a special time table for Saturdays and Sundays and include preparation of Olympiads in the morning.



Scoring 90+ in class 9th is very easy if you study in an organized manner. Starting your preparation early by strictly following the time table will help you to grab good marks. Self-discipline and determination is the key to score well in 9th class as well as in your scholarship exams like NTSE and Olympiads.

 However, there is no need to stress your mind by following a strict routine especially at this phase where you have no worries to appear in board exams or compete with other students to score high. Just focus on study tips for class 9 CBSE and clear basics as this will help in higher standards.

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