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Best Reference Books for NDA 2021 Exam Preparation

Updated on 05 March 2021
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Updated on 05 March 2021

The NDA (1) 2021 exam is scheduled for 18th April 2021. Preparing for your NDA exam can be tough in a certain amount of time however with a proper approach and the right guidance you can excel in this exam. To crack the NDA exam, candidates put a lot of effort followed by dedication and various preparation strategies. Also, with the help of NDA courses and coaching's, candidates try to get an edge over other candidates as there is a lot of competition for this exam. However, one must understand that the most important aspect to clear your NDA exam easily is the reference books. 

Reference books play a vital role in your NDA preparation and having the correct books by your side can surely help you to ace this exam. Many candidates often make the mistake of studying from the wrong or too many reference books and end up wasting their time. This must not be the case as time is very precious while preparing for such tough competitive exams. 

Candidates must refer to limited as well as reliable sources for their NDA preparation as it will be easier for you to succeed in your examination. So, in this article, we have curated a list of the best reference books that will help you to prepare for your NDA 2021 exam with ease. 


Reference Books for Current Affairs 

For Current Affairs, candidates need to be aware of the events that are happening in and around the world. This section is very important and accounts for maximum marks, so candidates need to prepare thoroughly. Refer to the complete syllabus and then solve mock tests to get ready for this paper. If you have enrolled in any NDA online coaching or offline classes then ask them to provide the latest study materials that are in line with the NDA Syllabus. 

Coming to the Reference books, candidates can refer to the following 

  1. Read Newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, Times of India, The financial express and so on. 
  2. Watch News Daily and note down the important events. 
  3. Read online articles and government magazines. 
  4. You may refer to Pratiyogita Darpan, Manorama Yearbook, etc 

Reference Books for Mathematics 

For Mathematics, candidates need to be well-aware of the formulas as well as practice the problems daily. Give a generous amount of time to revision followed by problem-solving. If you find it difficult to solve the concepts on your own then you can also opt for an NDA online class to help you with your Maths preparation. 

Refer to the following Reference Books for Maths

  1. Mathematics for National Defence Academy (NDA) and Naval Academy by Chand Publishing
  2. NCERT Textbooks (Class 11 & 12) 
  3. Quantitative Aptitude for competitive examinations by RS Aggarwal
  4. NDA Entrance Exam by ES Ramasamy 

Reference Books for English 

This paper evaluates a candidate’s proficiency in grammar and vocabulary. So, candidates must practice speaking and writing in English to excel in this paper. In addition to this, you may also take help from NDA courses that are available online to get a proper understanding of the subject. 

Refer to the following Reference Books for English 

  1. Objective General English by SP Bakshi 
  2. Wren & Martin High School English Grammar and Composition
  3. Word Power Made Easy by Norman & Lewis 

Reference Books for Physics 

Candidates need to clear their basic knowledge about the concepts asked in the Physics paper. So, they must read and understand the concepts and build a strong foundation to ace this paper. 

Refer to the NCERT books of Class 11 & 12 as that will be beneficial to build your knowledge as well as help you to clear this paper easily.

Reference Books for General Science, History and Geography

In this section, topics related to classes 9 and 10 are asked by UPSC. To score the best marks in this paper, candidates should refer to the following books. 

  1. Objective GK By Sanjiv Kumar 
  2. General Knowledge 2021 by Arihant Publication 

Previous Year’s Papers and Mock Tests 

Previous year’s question papers are of the utmost importance when preparing for NDA. Candidates should solve the previous year’s question papers to understand the exam pattern, structure and the type of questions asked by UPSC each year. 

In addition to this, candidates must also solve mock tests which will benefit them to practice time management and be well versed with the complete examination. 

Candidates can also enroll in NDA online coaching to get hands-on practice for solving mock tests and previous year’s papers. 

Why opt for NDA online class? 

Online classes are an effective way to prepare for the exam as candidates can save a lot of time. They can watch the video lectures anytime they want to and can download the same for future reference. The study materials that these classes provide are very interactive and updated according to the latest curriculum. A student can easily learn at his/her own pace by adopting this approach. Lastly, if you enroll for any NDA online classes then they also provide one-to-one interaction sessions with educators which help candidates to understand the concepts easily. 

Clearing the NDA exam in the first go is a dream for many and to fulfill this dream, candidates must give their best shot. When it comes to choosing the correct reference books then you don’t need to worry as with the help of the above-mentioned books you can definitely ace your exam. A pro tip here is to select the best NDA online coaching and maintain a positive attitude while you work hard. As the famous saying goes, “Success comes to those who work hard”. Adopt this quote in your life and see yourself succeed in your NDA exam. Good luck!

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