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Guide to Class 5 Learning: How to Score Well in Class 5?

Updated on 05 March 2021
CBSE Class 5
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Updated on 05 March 2021

Class 5 is one of the most important phases in a student’s life as after clearing this class they enter the secondary section. Class 5 is where students are introduced to some basic concepts that will be essential for them in their further classes. However, some students often find it difficult to concentrate or focus on their studies as they need to juggle between attending school, completing homework, attending tuition and much more. Through this article, you can help your class 5th kid to score good in exam and make things a little easier for them. 

Students must remember that class 5 is the major phase where they need to build a solid foundation for their upcoming classes. If they lack proper knowledge in any subject then it would be difficult for them to cope up in their secondary classes. So, in this article, we will provide some tips to students who wish to score well in their class 5. 

Study Guide for class 5 Students 

1. Pay Attention to Your School Lectures 

Class 5 students must pay special attention to what is being taught in their school. It is the best place and the best way to learn the concepts easily. If you are not clear with a certain concept, ask doubts to your teachers right away without hesitation. Teachers are the best guiding light in your entire learning journey so make sure to clear your doubts by asking them. Not only this, but you can discuss your doubts with your classmates in the school itself and make the entire learning process more engaging and interactive. 

2. Stick to NCERT Books 

This is a useful tip for the class 5 exam guide and will help students succeed in their exams. NCERT’s are the most efficient books that are recommended by schools and coachings. Students must refer to NCERT books without fail and learn the concepts from those books to ace their exams. Consider NCERT as your bible as all the major questions are asked from those books and it helps you prepare for your exams easily. These books have detailed chapter-wise questions and solutions which are clear and concise. 

Also, it has good practice sets that are given at the end of each chapter so students can study as well as practice then and there. The NCERT notes for each subject are also provided on the official website of NCERT so students can check that and refer to those sources as well. 

3. Make a Study Plan 

Making a study plan is of utmost importance as it helps you manage your time and stay in sync with your studies. Students must first make a study plan and then proceed with their studies. Remember while making a study plan, give an equal and enough amount of time to each subject. For example, a class 5 student timetable must include- 1 hour English and 1 hour maths, whereas, on the next day give 1 hour to science and 1 hour to Hindi. Make a plan that in sync with your school, tuition and free time i.e. the study plan must be flexible and should not burden you. 

4. Take Online Classes if Needed 

Online classes are a great way to learn while managing your time and studying at your own pace. Students can take the help of online classes if they feel the need to work on their concepts more. By taking these classes, you will be able to access many curriculum-wise notes and courses that help you to learn at your own convenience. Many students are shy to ask their doubts in the classroom so you can opt for one-to-one mentorship where teachers will solve your doubts and provide you with feedbacks personally. 

5. Be Disciplined 

This is an essential tip in the study guide for class 5 students. Discipline is the key to scoring good marks in any exam. Without being disciplined you cannot succeed in your studies. Did you ever wonder how toppers score the best grades in their class? This is because they have inculcated the habit of discipline in themselves. 

A simple example of this could be to wake up early regularly and start studying or completing your homework on time without any excuses. So, students must inculcate the habit of discipline in their day-to-day lives. Start with simple things like completing your school/tuition homework on time, build the habit slowly and soon you will find that it will reward you with good results. 

6. Learn by Making your Own Notes 

Learning from your own handwritten notes is very helpful as you can understand the concepts easily. Students must make their own notes by the end of each topic. Make a separate notebook for your notes and write down the important concepts or formulas in it. Then refer to those notes on the day of your examination. In addition to this, practice writing answers and solving math problems separately as you can easily remember and understand the answers/problems. Self-made notes are of great help and can reward you with success in your examinations. 

7. Revise Daily 

The last and the most important tip while preparing for your class 5 exam is to revise whatever you learn daily. Revision helps in better understanding and remembering the concepts. So, students need to dedicate enough time to revision on a regular basis. Not only this but you need to increase the time of revision before your exam begins. You need to memorize the entire syllabus before the examination so dedicate a generous amount of time to revise the chapters daily. 

Class 5 can be both interesting as well as tricky for some students as they are introduced to some advanced concepts. The key here is to be confident and follow your daily routine strictly. Take a look at the entire syllabus first and then start preparing for your exam. With the help of the above-mentioned tips, students can easily score the best grades in their class 5. This is the entire class 5 exam guide which one must follow without fail to succeed in their exam. 

While you follow the above-mentioned tips, do not stress yourself too much and indulge in other activities like playing outdoor games or watching television to a certain limit. Class 5 is where you will be completely transformed as soon you will enter the secondary class and learn more new things and concepts.

So, students must not neglect any subject and try to build a strong base for their further studies. By referring to the above-mentioned study tips, you can help your class 5th kid to score good in exam. Apart from this, students must learn with full focus and concentration and be ready to ace their exams in no time. Good luck!

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