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How to study Maths Easily?- Guide to learning class 5 maths

Updated on 10 March 2021
CBSE Class 5
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Updated on 10 March 2021

“Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit” - Stefan Banach 

Math is indeed one of the most powerful subjects in every class. Be it your school, college or job, maths is required in every aspect of life. It helps individuals build their logic and inculcate problem-solving skills. Similarly, class 5 is where students are introduced to certain new concepts of mathematics. This is because class 5 holds the base for the further classes and helps in shaping the students for their future. It becomes of utmost importance to follow a class 5 exam guide to prepare for this subject. 

So, students must pay special attention to this subject as solving math can be tricky. Not all students are comfortable with solving math as some of them may find it difficult and boring. However, students must know that maths once understood can be a fun subject. There are various learning methods and strategies that you can use to ace this subject. 

So, through this article, we will make things a little easier for you. Students of class 5 can learn some tips to score the best grades in mathematics by referring to this article. Parents who are reading this article can help your class 5th kid to score good in Math exam and let them excel in this subject.

How to Study Maths Easily? - Class 5 Exam Guide 

1. Go through Your Syllabus 

The most important tip here is to first go through your syllabus thoroughly. By understanding the syllabus, you will be well-aware of the chapters asked in the examination. Keep a copy of the syllabus with yourself or refer to the same from the official website of CBSE. 

However, for your reference, we are providing a chapter-wise syllabus below:

  1. Chapter 1- The Fish Tale 
  2. Chapter 2- Shapes and Angles 
  3. Chapter 3 - How many Squares? 
  4. Chapter 4 - Parts and Wholes 
  5. Chapter 5- Does it Look the same? 
  6. Chapter 6 - Be my multiple, I’ll be your factor 
  7. Chapter 7 - Can you see the Pattern?
  8. Chapter 8 - Mapping your way?
  9. Chapter 9 - Boxes and Sketches 
  10. Chapter 10 - Tenths and Hundreds 
  11. Chapter 11 - Area and Its Boundary 
  12. Chapter 12- Smart Charts 
  13. Chapter 13 - Ways to Multiply and Divide 
  14. Chapter 14- How big? How heavy? 

2. Break it Step by Step 

The most important tip for the class 5 exam guide includes breaking down your problem. To understand maths in an easy way, the most useful trick here is to break down the problem step by step and understand each step in detail. Students must first read the problem carefully and then proceed towards solving it. 

For example, refer to the following steps to solve any math problem. 

Step 1- Read the Problem Carefully 

Step 2- Analyse the problem

Step 3- Think about how to solve the problem

Step 4- Check for any hints or important information given in the problem

Step 5- Solve the problem with the help of the given information

Step 6- Check your solution again

3. Maintain a Separate Formula Sheet 

Students must know that there are multiple formulas that they need to memorize depending on the problems and chapters. So, the easiest way to memorize the formulas is to maintain a separate formula sheet. Students must note down all the important formulas in a separate notebook/sheet and then refer to those daily. This will also be effective on the day of the examination as they can study from those sheets and save a lot of time while revising. 

4. Study from Relevant Reference Books 

The importance of good books cannot be neglected as referring to the right books can impact your studies in both positive and negative ways. So, students must refer to only NCERT books as they are the standard books that are recommended by CBSE. Apart from this, NCERT follows the same exam pattern which helps understand the exam in a better way. The solutions are designed in a clear and simple manner which makes it extremely easy for students to grasp the concepts in one go. So, students must refer to NCERT books which are available on the online website of NCERT as well. 

5. Solve Math Problems Daily 

“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics” - Paul Halmos

Similarly, students must practice solving maths problems daily. Give a generous amount of time to problem-solving as you cannot develop the habit of it overnight. Students must dedicate at least 1-2 hours to the math subject and make sure that they practice enough to get hands-on mathematics. Parents or teachers must make a class 5 student timetable for math to help them manage their time and study routine. 

6. Take Help if Needed 

Though self-study is very flexible and helps students to understand the concepts on its own, there are many students who would prefer to learn the concepts from others. Not every student will be able to score 10/10 by self-study as each student has their own way of learning and ability to grasp the concepts. So in this case, students can take help from online or offline coachings or simply ask their school teachers to help them. They can even take personalized mentorships online and ask teachers to help them out with their math problems. 

7. Revision is the Key 

The last step here is to revise the concepts without fail. Revision is very important to ace any exam and maths being a tricky subject needs proper revision. Students must dedicate an hour daily to revise the concepts and the formulas that they have learned. 

To conclude, this was the entire study guide for class 5 students. You can easily excel in maths by following the above-mentioned tips. Students need not worry about this subject as maths can be fun and interesting once understood. You need to just keep on practicing and revising to get a hold of the subject and you are good to go.

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