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Interesting ways to teach your 5th class student

Updated on 12 March 2021
CBSE Class 5
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Updated on 12 March 2021

Class 5 is the most crucial phase for every student as after clearing this class they will be entering the secondary section. They develop physically and mentally and look forward to exploring new information in their further classes. Not only this but students start to develop new hobbies, interests and take an active part in other curricular activities. Class 5 is often overwhelming for many students as they have a lot on their plate in terms of studies, extracurricular activities, tuitions and so on.

It is also an important phase due to the fact that students transition from childhood to adolescence. When they are entering this phase, the only person who could help them make things a little easier for them is their teachers. 

Teachers play an important role in shaping the students and helping them in their overall development. Apart from academics, teachers are responsible for inculcating social skills, making them aware of their interests and hobbies and much more. 

However, one of the biggest challenges that teachers face is to handle class 5 students. Teaching and keeping students engaged can be tricky as they are mischievous. So through this article, we will enlist some of the important ways that will help teachers to teach their class 5 students effectively. 

Interesting Ways to Teach Class 5 Students 

1. Organize your classroom 

First and foremost, the most important thing that teachers must consider is to organize their classrooms. Move things around a bit so that there can be enough space for you and your students to walk freely. Along with this, you can also change the seating arrangement in your classroom to liven up the learning environment. For Example, you can arrange the desks in a row during the examination so that there is no distraction among students. Another way is to arrange the desks circular during group activities like discussions or storytelling so that students can sit close to each other and engage in their learning along with their classmates. 

2. Do not Change your Teaching Method 

It is of utmost importance that teachers do not change their teaching methods frequently. This can cause a state of confusion among students and can impact their learning badly. To avoid this, teachers should try and test their teaching methods beforehand. Teach your students using a specific method and see whether they are engaging in their studies or not. It is better to try and test a method for a few days and see the response that you receive from your students. If your students are engaged in your class then you can continue to implement that method. 

However, if you find that students are disengaged in their learning then you should probably change your teaching method. Be consistent with your teaching and see your students participating in your class in no time. 

3. Make Use of Interactive Study Materials 

The power of interactive study materials cannot be neglected as students tend to engage and participate more in their classroom by learning from various study materials. In addition to this, with the advancement of technology, there are many study materials that can be put to use for teaching your students. 

For starters, you can explain them with the help of props, storytelling, quizzes, flashcards, etc. Other study materials include educational videos, presentations and much more. You can integrate technology with education and make the most of your teaching. Apart from this, there are also various apps available that students can use to learn difficult concepts easily. Check for those apps online and recommend the same to your students to make the study session more interactive.  

4. Give them Feedbacks 

Giving feedback to your students will certainly help them keep a track of their progress and study with more enthusiasm. Whenever a student performs better, pat their backs for the progress. In addition to this, you can also write a note to their parents or give them a call to let them know about their positive progress in academics and other curricular activities.

On the other hand, if a student is not performing well, you can talk to them and support them to overcome their academic difficulties. Build a good bond with them and let them know that you are there to help them. This will surely help to keep your students focused on their learning which in turn will help you to teach them easily.

5. Allow them to Socialize 

Socialization is as important as academics. This means that you can arrange group activities so that students can know each other, make friends and learn to respect their classmates. You can arrange educational games, group discussions and debates to inculcate social skills among the students. This way they can also learn something new and be active in their learning process. However, set clear rules before the class so that students don’t go overboard and try to conduct these activities with discipline. 

To conclude, teachers must follow the above-mentioned ways to teach class 5 students and also to engage them in their learning. Remember that this class brings in a lot of opportunities for students and so teachers must nurture them and support them in their overall development. Make use of innovative study materials and build a good bond with them. This will definitely help you to manage your class 5 students easily. Good luck!

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