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Everything you need to know about Social Learning Platforms in 2021

Updated on 03 May 2021
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Updated on 03 May 2021

“Man is by nature a social animal” - Aristotle (Greek philosopher) 

The quote said by the greatest Greek philosopher Aristotle is true as we humans cannot live without interacting with each other. Wonder what this quote has to do here? Well, when it comes to social learning, the same is applicable to students. If you are the one who is learning online with the help of online learning platforms then you might know that studying alone without interacting with your teachers and classmates can be challenging. 

A majority of the learning platforms do not provide the provision to collaborate with your teachers or classmates. As a learner, all you do is tune into your lesson, watch it alone, and stay motivated until the end of your course completion. While this approach can be difficult to follow, the outcome of this can be dissatisfying as students lose the motivation to study. 

So what’s the alternative to this? This is the most common question among schools, colleges, and universities. Well, incorporating social learning is the best way to keep students on track. Social learning is simply learning socially with your teachers and classmates. 

There are many social learning networks/platforms that are emerging in the education industry as online learning has boosted worldwide since the year 2020. So through this blog, I am going to share some of the things that you must be aware of related to the social learning platforms. 

What is a Social Learning Platform? 

A social learning network is a dedicated educational network that focuses on the needs of both students and teachers by letting them collaborate with each other. The best part about these platforms is that students can continue their online learning by interacting with their teachers in a live environment. They can take live courses, connect with their classmates or simply study with them together. 

These platforms also have some features similar to social media platforms like creating pages, like/share/comment on each other posts, text each other, and opt for learning classes together. These interactive and unique features keep students on their toes while learning online. 

Let me walk you through some of the benefits of this platform below

Benefits of social learning Platforms 

  1. Increased Engagement among Students - The ability to stay focused and engaged in online learning is very important for students. To solve this problem, social learning platforms have stepped up to the challenge. With the help of these platforms, students can study real-time with their teachers and classmates and hence stay engaged in their learning. 

  1. Use of Interactive games, quizzes & other forms of educational content - With Edtech coming into the picture, there are many tools available online that students can make use of. Talking about social learning platforms then they have many forms of educational content on their platform like quizzes, games, storytelling, etc which makes learning more fun and interactive. 

  1. Live Courses - Live courses are an excellent way to interact with the teachers in real-time. So students can take advantage of these types of courses to stay on track with their learning. They can ask their doubts immediately or get guidance from their teachers on these platforms. 

  1. Be a part of discussion groups & forums - Many social learning networks/platforms have integrated discussion groups and forums so that students can stay connected with each other, ask their doubts and get their queries answered immediately. This is a great way to boost engagement among students and let them stay active in their learning. 

  1. Study with Classmates - When learning online, students cannot study together with their classmates. However, now with the help of social learning platforms, they can simply tune into their online classes with their classmates and attend the lectures together, share notes, connect and communicate with each other over the platform. 

Well, the above benefits successfully show the role of social learning networks/platforms in the educational industry. With the rise in the number of online learners since 2020, social learning platforms are a big thing that should be incorporated into schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. If you are an online learner, I urge you to learn with the help of these platforms as they will prove to be a turning point in your online education. 

What is a Social Learning Platform and its Benefits?

Talking about teachers then you could include these platforms in your day-to-day teaching and make the most of Edtech. These platforms will help you connect with your students and conduct real-time online sessions with them. Not only this but you can make use of various interactive tools to create educational content for students and make them stay interested in their learning. Hence, you must consider this as a win-win situation for both you and your students. 

Final Thoughts!

With the popularity of online learning, many companies are coming forward to create and provide the best learning experience to students. Social learning platforms are one of them which helps students stay focused, motivated, and enjoy their learning by interacting socially with their teachers and classmates. To be able to create a fun-based online learning environment, social learning platforms definitely come as a rescue in the educational industry.

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