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How Social Learning Networks are proving helpful for Teachers and Learners during the covid-19 pandemic?

Updated on 29 June 2021
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Updated on 29 June 2021

The sudden outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic affected many businesses and industries leaving the economy in a bad shape. The education sector was equally hit by the pandemic where the educational institutions were shut overnight. Teachers lost their jobs, had to work extra hours, and faced salary cuts whereas students had no mode to continue their learning. This witnessed the rise of online education worldwide. Soon, students started to learn using an online learning platform and teachers started to teach them on these platforms and earn money. 

Despite many challenges that came along the way, the education sector managed to rise up again. The successful contribution of Edtech brought many positive changes in the education system. In this pandemic, technology has helped bridge the gap between learners and educators where they could continue their learning and teaching via various platforms that were available online. 

Now, we have heard about learning and teaching platforms however one of the most effective platforms that are making a buzz in the education sector is a social learning network. 

What is a Social Learning Network? 

A social learning network is a collaborative network that focuses to fulfill the learning and teaching needs of both learners and educators. This network helps learners connect with educators and continue their teaching. Also, the uniqueness of the platform lies in various engaging methods that it incorporates to engage learners in their studies. This network is built in such a way that it encourages a collaborative learning and teaching approach. Lastly, this platform has all the features similar to a social media platform which makes learning and teaching quite engaging and interesting. 


What are the Benefits of Social Learning Network for Learners & Educators? 

Collaborating has become Easier 

With the help of a social learning network, both learners and educators can connect and collaborate with each other and conduct a successful online class. Amidst the pandemic, where learners have to find educators for their teaching and vice versa, they can simply connect with their potential educators/learners. These networks have a huge learner and educator base. Hence, educators can find and connect with their potential learners whereas learners can connect with their potential educators. Online learning has become hassle-free as both learners and educators can easily connect with each other anytime. 

Learn and Teach Anytime & Anywhere 

Both learners and educators can easily learn and teach anytime and anywhere on the network. In case of educators, unlike an online teaching platform, they can tune into the social learning network anytime at their own convenience and teach their students. If both educators and learners have different time zones then in such a scenario, they can simply sync their time zones and conduct their online class. Amidst the pandemic, where learners and educators cannot step out of their houses, these networks provide utmost convenience to them by allowing them to teach and learn anytime and anywhere. 

Various Tools for Teaching & Learning 

There are various interactive and engaging tools available on a social learning network that both learners and educators can make use of. In the case of educators, they can use tools to engage learners in their studies. Not only this but they can share, communicate and carry out their daily teaching feasibly with the help of various tools available. On the other hand, learners can use interactive tools to communicate with their educators, classmates, share interesting posts, and much more. 

Create & Access Various Study Materials 

Educators have total freedom to create numerous study materials for their learners. They can create personalized educational content keeping in mind the needs of learners. In addition to that, they can also create engaging study materials in the form of videos, images, presentations, audio, etc and share them with their learners so that they can learn in a fun and engaging way. On the other hand, learners can access these various study materials for learning which are designed by subject matter experts. These study materials help learners concentrate and take an active role in their learning. 

Social Learning Networks are Cost-Effective 

A social learning network is very budget-friendly for both learners and educators. These networks provide all the essential functionalities required to conduct a successful online class on a low budget. In this pandemic, the only reliable and cost-effective approach to continue learning and teaching worldwide was to opt for such networks. With loaded facilities and various benefits, one can easily make the most of their learning and teaching on these networks. Learners need to pay a reasonable amount of money to access courses and study materials on these networks. Whereas, teachers have to pay a small number of fees for their teaching account and course creation. 

The covid-19 pandemic has opened gates for online education which has led to the use of these networks in the education industry. Both learners and educators can make the most of their learning and teaching by establishing their presence on these networks. A social learning network provides a lot of benefits as it ensures high engagement among learners. Teachers, on the other hand, can continue to teach on this platform and earn money without worrying about pay cuts and job loss. This network has surely paved the way for learners and educators to conduct a smooth and hassle-free online education. 

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