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How Social Learning Network Gain Popularity among learners During Covid-19

Updated on 23 August 2021
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Updated on 23 August 2021

The unfortunate outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic led to the disruption in the functioning of each and every sector. The education sector was not left untouched by the pandemic as well. During this period, many teachers lost their jobs, students had to worry about their daily learning and the administrative staff found it difficult to handle the day-to-day functioning of their respective institutions. However, thanks to an online learning and Online teaching platform that helped both students and teachers continue their flow of learning and teaching. 

Amidst the pandemic, many online platforms proved beneficial for the smooth flow of education. With the help of these platforms, students were able to opt for courses, study materials, take practice tests while teachers were able to teach their students and earn a high income. 

Along with these platforms, the one that managed to create a buzz in the education industry was a Social Learning Network. 

Social learning networks provides the dual benefits of both teaching and online learning platform at a single place. With the help of this network, learners can simply learn socially with their teachers and classmates. Whereas, on the other hand, teachers can teach on this platform and generate a good amount of income for themselves. 

So, the real question here comes, What exactly sets this network apart from the others and why has it gained so much popularity among the learners? Let us look at all the reasons below. 

Benefits of Social learning Network

Collaborative Learning Environment

When learners learn on any e-learning platform, they fail to get a collaborative learning environment. However, a social learning network provides a collaborative environment to its learners. With the help of this network, learners can simply find and get connected with their teachers, classmates and peers. They can then interact with each other, communicate and attend their online classes together. 

Collaborative learning is very important when a learner learns online because it is easier for them to get distracted from their learning. With the help of this approach, learners can get guidance from their teachers, along with which they can study with their classmates. This keeps them in tune with their studies and helps them remain on the right track of their learning.  

Study with Friends & peers

One of the biggest downsides of any learning platform is that learners are not able to study together with their friends and peers. However, this downside can be easily overcome by social learning networks. Here, learners can find their friends and peers, send them an invitation to join them on the network and start learning together. This encourages them to take active participation in their learning and focus on their learning while constantly being in touch with their friends and peers. Here, learners can also exchange their study materials on the network or simply ask/discuss any exam-related questions with their friends and get them solved quickly. 

Multiple Class Engagement Options

Normally in an online approach, many learners tend to get bored or distracted from their learning as there is no one to monitor them or engage them in their studies. However, a social learning network has to offer much more than that. On this network, students can learn via educational games, interactive study materials in the form of images, audios, presentations, etc and opt for personalized learning sessions. Apart from that, the network also gives you the option of connecting with your friends and study with them which proves very engaging for learners as they learn collaboratively. Hence, learners can learn in a fun and engaging way on these networks. 

Developed Social Skills that can be utilized in the Future Workforce

When learning on these networks, learners develop social skills. These skills are very essential when working in the future workforce. Every individual has to possess these skills as they make them succeed in their day-to-day activities. They need to collaborate and work with various teams and departments to carry out their tasks. Hence, social skills are very necessary. When learners use Social learning networks, they collaborate with their teachers and classmates virtually. This leads them to improve their social skills which makes them future-ready to excel in their workforce. 

Social Learning Networks are Cost-Effective 

A social learning network is very cost-effective as compared to other platforms. Here, students need to pay a reasonable amount of money for their courses and study materials and in turn, they receive a great learning experience. Learners get a lot of benefits on this network at a good price which allows them to make the most of their learning. This network also makes learning accessible to all learners across the globe through their budget-friendly learning options. 


To conclude, a social learning network benefits learners in their online learning as well as makes them ready for their future workforce. Amidst the pandemic, it has proved beneficial for both learners and teachers to succeed in their learning and teaching. Keeping in mind its benefits, it has gained immense popularity among learners for their virtual learning. 

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