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Value of Trees Essay in English | Essay on the Significance of Trees for Children and Students.

Updated on 14 November 2022
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Updated on 14 November 2022

Value of Trees Essay in English: Trees are important for our survival and for the environment. Without trees, life would not be possible. Plants provide us with the two most important things of life: oxygen and food. As we grew up, we began to import plants for medicine, shelter, and other commercial purposes. Even today, our dependence on trees has not diminished. In fact, we are increasingly dependent on plants.

The Value of trees essay aims to teach readers how trees are an important part of the environment. Our need is so great that we have started to cut down forests for the expansion of human land. Trees should be protected because they play an important role in our environment. In addition, trees are considered as natural carbon sinks, which means that they can absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and store it in themselves. This not only reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in our environment, but also the effects of the greenhouse effect. 

Therefore, trees play a variety of important roles, from protecting the environment to purifying the environment. Read on to explore the different types of trees and their importance.

Importance of Trees Essay 3OO words in English 

A long essay on the Value of trees in English is useful for students in classes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Why are trees important? Trees are an important part of the environment - they help maintain balance and are a useful source of many resources - such as plants, medicine, shelter, equipment, etc. In addition, trees are the natural habitat of many animals, so animals often enter human territory when forests are destroyed.

Social Benefit. Historically, trees have been revered or given cultural significance. Especially in India, many plants are considered sacred because of their value or connection to ancient Indian mythology. Other cultures have depicted their trees and foliage in paintings and sculptures. In addition, some cultures view trees as powerful symbols of life, death, and rebirth.

Community Benefits. Trees and other plants have graced our parks and gardens, providing beautiful habitats. In addition, the trees provide shade, which is very important in the summer months. Trees and other greenery near the residence increase the value of the area. In addition, some ancient trees serve as famous places or historical monuments. For example, a tree called Dodda Alada Mara (Big Banyan Tree) is a popular tourist attraction in Bangalore. This 400-year-old tree covers an area of almost 12,000 m2 and is considered the largest of its kind.

Environmental benefits of Trees. Trees are important to the environment because without them the land would become barren and lifeless. Also, there are many animals that live on trees. These animals are called arboreal animals and spend their entire lives on trees - raising their young, feeding, sleeping and mating. If the trees are cut down, these animals have no place to live and they may die. Animals that live in trees include sloths, flying snakes, geckos, koalas, possums, and tarsiers. There are hundreds of species of spiders and insects that live in trees.

Essay of 500+ words on Value of Trees


Trees are our best friends because they keep the air we breathe clean. In the same way, they clean water and soil and make the world a better place. It is also true that people who live near trees are healthier, fitter and happier than others.

Also, it is our duty to take care of our friends who serve us in many ways. More importantly, by saving trees, we are not doing any tree a favor, just ourselves. Because the life of plants and trees does not depend on us but our life depends on them.

Significance of Trees 

Trees are important to us in many ways and we cannot ignore the value of trees. They are important because they provide us with fresh air to breathe, food to eat, and shelter from sunlight and rain. In addition to this, there are many medicines in the market which are derived from fruits.

Apart from this, there are plants and trees that have medicinal value. They bring peace; create a place of happiness and relaxation. In addition, they help to reflect the harmful rays of the sun and maintain a suitable temperature. In addition, they also help in water conservation and prevention of soil erosion. They manage the environment and since ancient times many different types of plants have been respected.

Benefits of Trees

Plants give us many benefits, some of them can't be seen, but they make a big difference. Learning about the Value of trees in English, might help fight climate change by absorbing the warming air that is the main cause of climate change. In addition, they replenish the groundwater and clean the air of pollutants and odors. 

Also, they are a good source of food and the king 'Mango' fruit also grows on trees. In addition, they are the beginning of rain because they draw the clouds to the surface and make it rain. They can be teachers, teammates and good examples of unity and diversity. In particular, they are a good source of reducing air, water and noise pollution.


The value of Trees

When a seed from a tree or plant grows, it makes the surrounding area green. Also, it supports many lifestyles. Birds build their nests there, many birds and animals live in or near it. In addition, all the flowers are beautiful, food grows there. Also, many parts of plants such as roots, leaves, stems, flowers, plants, are also edible. Most importantly, they don't ask for anything for their services and offerings. Plants manage the balance of the environment and the environment.

Finally, we can say that the value of trees is important and useful for all life forms on earth. Without them, the survival of life on Earth will be difficult, after a while, all species will begin to die due to lack of oxygen on the planet. So, to save our lives and survive, we must learn to Value of trees and teach our children the importance of trees.

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