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Why did Nikola Tesla say that 3 6 9 Theory was the key to the universe?

Updated on 15 April 2020
Curious Mind
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Updated on 15 April 2020

Nikola Tesla, the greatest mind of all the time was not just an inventor or as claimed by many the true father of electric age but also a man with secrets and mysteries we could never imagine of. Despite the fact that he was famous but not as much as he should have been, as most of the Patents were registered by Edison or Westinghouse, Tesla himself, was altruistic, and when he learned of others using his ideas, he probably wished them well. He wasn’t financially motivated beyond survival, and he sought to share his ideas with the entire world, either by him or by others. One of his most floated theory is Tesla 3 6 9 Number Theory that we are going to explain.

Tesla did countless mysterious experiments, but he was a whole other mystery on his own. The greatest mind is always curious, but what Nikola Tesla used to do definitely made everyone else curious.

Mysterious things Tesla used to do

  1. Walk around a block 3 times before entering a building
  2. Chose to live hotel rooms which had their room number divisible by 3
  3. He would wash his dishes with 18 napkins only

Some said he had OCD and some believed he was superstitious, but what Tesla said was-

"If you knew the magnificence of 3 6 and 9, you would have

a key to the universe. "

We may have come across this quote claiming to be said by Tesla all over the internet, but there is no reference anywhere it being truly said by him. Even though there is no proof, but the facts and things Tesla used to do makes it more believable that he was obsessed with these numbers and it can conclude the quote to be genuine.

Moreover, the significance of number three just not known by Tesla but a lot of other people of this era relate to the number three. It could make more sense taking real-life examples, from an atom consisting of three subatomic particles (proton, neutron,and electron), to Holy Trinity(God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit)from the Holy Bible. Egyptian mythology also featured three gods that represented heaven, earth, and the abyss.

Moreover, the evolution of our ideas are from the Past, our experience is always the Present, and all our imaginations and aspirations are of the Future making the three Kaal(Sanskrit for Time)

The Nikola Tesla 3 6 9 theory

Nikola Tesla was obsessed with numbers, but especially 3, 6 and 9. He wanted the world to know the significance of the number 3 6 9, he claimed that these were extremely important numbers, but the question is why?

What was that, that Tesla wanted the world to understand? How it became Nikola Tesla 3 6 9 theory?

To understand that, we must first know about Mathematics. Why it is so different yet the same anywhere in the universe. Maths was and has been the most valued subject of all the time and the most powerful too. Two plus two will always be four everywhere. Possibly Nikola Tesla knew the power of the numbers 3 6 9.

The Golden ratio in Mathematics is a special number found by dividing a line into two parts such that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part. It is often symbolized using phi, after the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. In an equation form, it looks like this:

a/b = (a+b)/a = 1.6180339887498948420 …

The Golden ratio was used to achieve balance and beauty in many Renaissance paintings and sculptures. Da Vinci himself used the Golden ratio to define all of the proportions in his Last Supper, including the dimensions of the table and the proportions of the walls and backgrounds. The Golden ratio also appears in da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and the Mona Lisa.

There are patterns that naturally occur in The Universe, patterns we’ve discovered in life, galaxies, star formations, evolution, and almost all natural systems, and The Golden Ratio is one of them.


Being said that, Mathematics was and still is one of the most powerful and important languages, used for centuries by the great minds. Mathematics or numbers is the cradle of all creations. Without this, the world cannot move even an inch. Every human being, everyone needs mathematics in their day-to-day life. Even animals, plants, and insects have the Golden ratio, the geometrical pattern, they use mathematics in their everyday life for existence. There must have been at least some reason that Tesla was obsessed with equations and numbers.

In Vortex Math (Science of Torus Anatomy). if you follow a specific pattern as in the image below, you will have something like this –


As you can see, starting with 1, and doubling it (1+1) we got 2, again, doubling 2 (2+2) we got 4. Further doubling 32 (32+32) we got 64 and summing up 6+4 gave us 10 which again summing up the two digits gave us 1. If you keep following this pattern, It will always give us the digits 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8. Even summing 7+7 gives 14 which further gives 5 (1+4).

Notice how 3, 6, and 9 are not in this pattern. Scientist Marko Rodin (Discoverer of Vortex Maths) believes these numbers represent a vector from the third to fourth dimension which he calls a “flux field.” This field is supposed to be higher dimensional energy that influences the energy circuit of the other six points (1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8).

Things start getting strange from here … If you take these 3 numbers (3, 6 and 9), starting with 3 and doubling it (3 + 3 = 6; 6 + 6 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3), you will find that there is no mention of 9 !

Giza – Orion Correlation Theory

We find lots of evidence that nature uses threefold and sixfold symmetry, including the hexagonal tile shape of the common honeycomb. Interestingly not just in nature but also the ancient establishments have this symmetry. One of the greatest of them all is the Giza – Orion correlation theory.

According to which there is a correlation between the location of the three largest pyramids of the Giza and Orion’s Belt of the constellation Orion, and that this correlation was intended as such by the original builders of the Giza pyramid complex. The stars of Orion were associated with Osiris, the god of rebirth and the afterlife by the ancient Egyptians. Depending on the version of the theory, additional pyramids can be included to complete the picture of the Orion constellation, and the Nile river can be included to match with the Milky Way galaxy.

We also see a group of three smaller pyramids immediately away from the three larger pyramids, which makes the total number of pyramids to be 6. Three pyramids that correlate with constellation Orion. Is it a coincidence or there exists a significance of 3 and 6?

Giza Pyramid

Nikola Tesla quoted –

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Is it possible that there is something special about these mysterious numbers, 3, 6 and 9, tesla 3 6 9? Was 3 6 9 Tesla’s code? Is it possible that Tesla uncovered this profound secret and used this knowledge to push the boundaries of science and technology?

We don’t know, but we definitely find it fascinating how these numbers do relate to the universe in some way.

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