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How to bring and engage students on your page?

Updated on 11 November 2022
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Updated on 11 November 2022

Study24x7 is a social and collaborative learning platform where students and teachers come together to teach, learn, and grow together. As a teacher, Study24x7 platform gives you the opportunity to reach out to thousands of students and to bring them to your own page. 

Please follow the below-mentioned tips to bring students on your page and keep them engaged with your page.

Provide Regular Updates on Your Page:

Be active on your page and provide regular updates like exam-related updates, news, notification, etc updates about your courses, live class schedules, and anything else you feel might be useful for the students.

Post Questions/Quizzes every day:

Students LOVE to practice and test their skills. So in order to keep your students engaged on your page, post relevant questions and quizzes on your page every day. Engage and motivate your students and guide them through difficult questions and they will never leave your page.

Encourage your students to ask doubts and questions:

Always encourage your students to ask their doubts and questions on your page and resolve them as soon as possible. Make it a point to respond to every question/doubt that has been asked by the students on your page. One of the major challenges students face today is lack of guidance after school hours. Fill that gap by being the go-to point for doubt solving of students. Also, encourage other students to help their peers. That way the power of a learning community like Study24x7 can be leveraged to good effect.

Post Articles and Study Material:

This should be a no brainer. Who doesn’t like free and quality study material? Post high quality, useful articles regularly on your page for the benefit of the students. A good frequency can be 2 articles/week. You can post articles on one or more of the following topics:

  1. Preparation Strategies
  2. Study Material
  3. Exam Analysis
  4. Motivational Articles
  5. Previous Year Papers
  6. Notifications and Updates
  7. Vocabulary
  8. Anything else that is relevant

Share your Course / Post / Article / Question:

Since Study24x7 is a social learning platform with sharing features built-in, it is very easy to share whatever you have posted on your page. You can share your courses, posts, articles, questions, etc. The more you share the more students you will reach. You can also encourage your students to share with their peers. That way everyone benefits.

Create a great profile:

Do not underestimate the power of an awesome profile. In the beginning the students will only connect with you based on your profile. So do not forget to include your credentials, educational qualifications, list of exams cleared, ranks, percentiles, etc. Establish yourself as an authority in your field and students will flock to your page. Also, add good quality profile pictures and banners to make your profile look appealing.

Use innovative engagement strategies:

Try innovative and engaging methods to keep students engaged longer on your page. You can choose from some of the creative strategies given below or you can create your own:

  1. LIVE Quizzes: Let your students ask questions and solve their queries on a real-time basis. You can give students a topic beforehand to keep the discussion focused.
  2. Hold Live Discussions/Doubt Solving Sessions on the lines of Reddit Ask Me Anything
  3. Organize Competitions: Ask students to participate in them and provide the best performers rewards like discounts on your courses etc.
  4. Reward top contributors of a week/month etc

There can be many other interesting strategies to keep the students engaged on the page. Remember, the more you interact and engaged with your students, the more they will remain with you.

Please watch this video in which we have explained these tips in detail.

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