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How to promote your page & courses on Study24x7?

Updated on 02 June 2020
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Updated on 02 June 2020

Today, let me talk about two great modern-day inventors. Edison & Tesla. Now, who do you think is more popular of the two? Chances are that you would say Edison, the inventor of the light bulb. But do you know that Nikola Tesla was an equally brilliant, if not better, scientist than Edison, and without his contribution to the development of Alternating Current (AC) the world would look entirely different today?

But if Tesla was such a great scientist, why do people know more about Edison than Tesla? It’s because Edison was also a great businessman and marketer who knew how to promote himself and his products. On the other hand, Tesla was a recluse, who preferred to work in anonymity. 

So what is the moral of the story? Even though you create a potentially game-changing product or technology but if you don’t market and promote it well, people will hardly notice. And this applies to educators as well. You not only have to create great content and courses but also you should know the art of marketing and promotion as well to reach a large no of students. In this article, we are sharing some great tips on how should you promote your page and courses to reach your target audience.

Use your existing network of friends, peers & students: 

First up, before doing anything else, tap into your existing network. Invite your friends, family students, etc to like and share your page. Since they are already deeply connected with you, they will happily interact and share your page and courses.

Post engaging, original & useful content: 

This one is a no brainer. The sole purpose of an educational page on a platform like Study24x7 is to add value to the student’s preparation and knowledge. And hence you should regularly post useful, engaging, and quality content on your page. Avoid posting generic or copied content because that will never act as a unique differentiator. 

Promote your page offline:

Although your page is online, don’t think that you can not promote it offline. Word of mouth is a very effective way of promoting your page and content. If your users find your content useful they will tell more of their friends and peers to check your courses and page. So tell your offline students to like and share your page too.

Interact with your users and students and seek feedback:

One of the sure-shot ways to improve your offerings is to take direct feedback from the end-user, in this case your students. Make sure that you interact with them and ask their feedback as to what works and what doesn’t. Then incorporate that feedback into your course and content design to make them better.

Add the link to your page & courses to your bio: 

Don’t forget to include the links to your page and courses to your bio and contact details on your other social media profiles and pages. Use your existing fan following on other social platforms to promote your page and courses at Study24x7.

Create offers and promotional contests:

Create innovative contests and offer students rewards in exchange for the promotion of your page. You can also provide the best performers rewards like discounts on your courses, referral bonuses, etc.

Share regular updates:

Be active on your page and provide regular updates like exam-related updates, news, notification, etc; updates about your courses, live class schedules, and anything else you feel might be useful for the students.

Be approachable: 

Always encourage your students to ask their doubts and questions on your page and resolve them as soon as possible. Make it a point to respond to every question/doubt that has been asked by the students on your page. One of the major challenges students face today is lack of guidance after school hours. Fill that gap by being the go-to point for doubt solving of students. 

These were some tips to reach out to students and to promote your page on Study24x7. But last but not least be consistent and patient in your efforts.

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