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How to crack competitive exam with full time Job

Updated on 30 May 2020
Sarkari Naukri
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Updated on 30 May 2020

Today is the time for sacrifice and hard work.If you have to move forward in today's competitive world, then you have to go two steps ahead of this running world. Now-a-days many aspirants are also preparing for various government exams along with part-time or full-time private sector jobs or other jobs due to financial crisis.

We have mentioned few points below that will help you to crack competitive exams with full time job.

1.   Perfect planning and strategy

Without planning, nothing goes right.

You must work on a plan first before proceeding. According to your academic record decide for which exam you want to prepare. Now as you are working aspirant, you must plan your daily routine without harming your working life.

Plan in such a way where you can utilize your free time in office. Even after office you have to manage few hours for study and make sure you stick to it.

Try to get up early in the morning and grab some Topics to study or learn important tricks, grammar rules, formulas so that you can solve the related questions in office break time.

2.   Perfect Environment

To focus on your studies prepare a peaceful environment. Arrange your study table in quiet and well lit area.  There should be no disturbance, block distractions like gaming apps and other apps on your phones. Do not study on bed.

3.   Stay focused

When you are setting your aim then look out for other things which are helpful in achieving your aim. Follow healthy diet and do regularly yoga or exercise to keep yourself fit. Learn to say no to unnecessary hang outs or dining out.

4.    Utilization of time

Cut short your breaks at your office. Finish our lunch in 15 minutes. Around chit-chat with your colleagues about unnecessary topics, instead use that time in reading or learning tricks or some vocabulary words.

Grab some notes for your metro or auto rickshaws rides

5.   How to study?

It’s not easy to carry heavy notes or books everywhere you go. Now technology has blessed us with very useful online learning apps. Qualitative and quantitative material is available on Study24x7 app. In this app you can learn many tricks and ask your questions and get best answers. On this app you can attempt quizzes and mock tests. Get latest updates on daily current affair, SSC 2020, Banking, UPSC, Defence job and other Govt exams.

Read daily newspaper such as The Hindu, Indian Express news of constitution, ongoing issues faced by bureaucrats, scientific articles about new discoveries or inventions. Read blogs of candidates who cleared exam this will let you know what difficulties you are going to face.

Join various groups running on social media by other aspirants and mentors. Take mock test frequently & evaluate yourself regularly.

6.   Set Time Table:

Make sure you prepare a time table suiting your daily routine. Don’t let your work life suffer. Study extra hours on weekends. With this sample time table, you can prepare yourself -

4:30 AM
4:30AM to 7:00AM
Study ( with books)
7:00AM to 8:00AM
Routine(including 15 exercise)
8:00AM to 7:00PM
Office hours
7:00PM to 9:00 PM
Dinner and Rest
9:00PM to 10:00PM
10:00PM to 4:30 AM

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