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How to become a great educator on Study24x7?

Updated on 31 August 2020
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Updated on 31 August 2020

All great teachers and educators have a few things in common. In general:

  1. They are expressive, persuasive and convincing in their teaching style.

  1. They creatively explain even difficult concepts to make them easily understandable to their students.

  1. They have a clear understanding of the problems faced by students and as a result they are able to address them.

Below are some pointers on how to create great courses and become a top educator in your chosen subject/topic:

  1. Create awesome and in-depth courses with complete structure for the benefit of the learners. A comprehensive course will always attract more students and views.

  1. Listen to the feedback of the students and incorporate them in your courses. Always try to cater to the needs of the learners.

  1. Be creative. Create engaging lesson plans, use a variety of educational resources in your courses to catch the attention of learners. Use Quizzes, images, infographics, maps etc in your course. For example, if you are teaching Geography you can use Google Earth to show topography and actual maps/images of places. The best teachers always have their own unique way of teaching. Ask questions, Use storytelling. 

  1. Engage with your learners everywhere. Share your courses on your social media profiles and messaging apps.

  1. Ask your learners to rate, review, recommend and share your courses at the beginning/end of the lessons. It will help you in reaching a wider audience. The reviews and ratings also help other learners make an informed decision.

  1. Always keep your learners engaged. Break longer chapters into smaller ones. Try to create byte sized lessons to easily facilitate learning. If at any time you feel that the lesson is becoming too dense with too many concepts crammed into a short span of time, break that session into smaller parts.

  1. Keep an eye on the recent trends and exam timings. If you feel that a course might be useful for students during a particular time try and make that course. For example a course on communication might be very useful when any interview is scheduled.

  1. Be patient and don’t give up if your views don’t increase in the beginning. Persistently keep creating more and better lessons for your learners. Consistency is key here.

  1. If possible create courses in multiple languages. That way you can reach more learners during a certain time frame.

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