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How to choose the best Online Learning platform for students?

Updated on 29 January 2021
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Updated on 29 January 2021

With the growing demand and trend in online education, many schools and colleges have started adopting the online approach. We can say that online education has come to the rescue during the covid-19 pandemic where schools and colleges were able to continue with their education. Not only this but with the various benefits that it provides to both teachers and students, this approach has become popular in the education sector. 

Now teachers can teach online using an online teaching platform and students can take the education from the comfort of their homes through learning platforms. Many educational institutions have started integrating the use of EdTech in their day to day learning to make the overall education much smoother, innovative and feasible for the students. 

So, if you are a student who is looking to learn online or an institution looking to setup an online learning platform for your learners but confused to make a choice then you have arrived at the right place. We know that the options are overwhelming and choosing the right platform for you can be a daunting task. 

Refer to some of the useful tips to choose your Learning platform:

Easy & Convenient to Use

Now, this is the most basic and important requirement that you must consider before choosing a platform. Let’s face it not all students can be tech-friendly and know how to use the various functionalities of the platform. So, make sure to consider how user-friendly the platform is. It should be convenient for students as well as for teachers too so they both can easily carry out their learning and teaching feasibly. 

Engaging and Interactive Learning Experience 

Students should be able to get an engaging and interactive learning experience on these platforms. Be it a recorded or live online class, the platform should be able to stream the videos on high quality without lagging. Not only this but there should be options similar to a social learning network like connecting and collaborating easily with teachers and peers. 

Lastly, the platform should provide enough study materials to better understand the concepts in an interactive manner. The study materials should be updated with various forms like quizzes, test series, etc to make learning more engaging among students. 

Compatible among all Devices 

Now it is not necessary that every student possess a laptop/desktop to learn online. The platform should hence be compatible with various devices and operating systems. Be it a mobile device or a laptop, windows operating system or ios, the platform should be able to run on all these devices and systems. It should not dig a hole in the pocket of a student to buy a new device/system to learn on these learning platforms. 

Online Learning Platform should be Budget Friendly

There are many online learning platforms that either charge a particular price or are free to use. We suggest you compare the price and features of all these platforms. Go for the one that is affordable as well as provides the maximum functionalities to you. If you are an individual then choose the platform that provides low cost. Whereas if you are an educational institution looking to set up the platform for a bunch of students then we suggest you strike out the pros and cons of the platform carefully and only then invest in it.

Data Security 

Your personal data should be totally secured on these platforms and there should be no breach of any information. Before choosing the platform, make sure to read the related data security policy. This is not only applicable to data breaches but also to make sure that there is no unauthorized login activity for any registered accounts.

Discussion groups and forums 

Discussion groups and forums are a great way for the students to discuss and get their doubts solved by their peers, teachers, or other expert individuals instantly. The learning platform should have these groups and forums where students can discuss their educational topics and study together with other students. They can even have certain pages that share useful daily updates and information regarding the exam preparation. 

Instant Teacher’s Feedback 

There are many teaching platforms available where teachers teach their students but fail to provide feedback on their progress. The learning platforms must be able to connect the students with their teachers quickly where teachers are able to provide necessary feedback. Students often lack the necessary guidance from their teachers from time to time in an online approach. So, the learning platform must provide students with the necessary support.

Analytics tools 

Students should be able to note down their time to time progress through the analytics tools provided by the learning platforms. The analytics tools should consist of a student’s course completion details to their overall performance in their daily course completion, assignments/tests progress, etc. The tool must be an important aspect that provides insights and encourage students to perform better in their learning. 

How can Study24x7 help you?

Study24x7 is an online teaching and learning platform that majorly focuses on providing quality education to students. Our interactive and easy to use platform will help you prepare you for exams efficiently. We have a wide range of courses and study materials according to educational interests. Whether you want to prepare for your upcoming government exams, university or board exams we got you covered. Our expert faculties will guide you throughout your learning journey and impart the best knowledge through online learning.


With the popularity and ease of online learning platforms, you can simply connect with experienced teachers and learn anytime and anywhere. Remember to consider the tips that we mentioned above while choosing a reliable platform for you. Along with that, make sure to verify the technical support and assistance that will be provided to you while registering for the platform. Now with the help of these platforms students can easily take the advantage of e-Learning and get a quality education.

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