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Online learning platform vs Social learning network and their Importance in the educational industry

Updated on 05 January 2024
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Updated on 05 January 2024

Online education has become one of the most lucrative forms of education for learners. With the increasing popularity of online learning and the need for the current pandemic situation, this form of learning is adopted by students on a huge scale. They opt for an online learning platform as it provides total flexibility and control over their learning. 

However, if you wonder about what’s the difference between online learning platforms and social learning network then we got you covered. 

Through this article, we will clear all the confusion regarding both these forms of learning and their importance in the educational industry. 

What is an Online Learning Platform?

An online learning platform is designed in such a way that it focuses on the needs of learners. They can choose tons of online courses via such platforms that are tailored according to the needs of learners. These platforms function to provide top courses to learners keeping in mind their educational needs and budget. Here educators can post various courses and charge as per their teaching experience, quality and duration of the course. 

What is Social Learning Network?

A social learning network includes all the functionalities of online learning platform but also offers more than that. It is more focused on the educator-learner collaboration meaning both educators and learners can connect with each other from around the world. They can then carry out their educational activities by collaborating with each other.  read full article what is social learning network

Let’s look at the difference between these forms of learning.

Online learning platform vs Social Learning Network

An online learning platform puts more emphasis on the learner’s educational needs by providing many courses published by top educators. On the other hand, a social learning network puts emphasis on educator-learner interaction, their teaching and learning, educational activities and customized educational content. 

Social learning networks enable both educators and learners to carry out their educational needs by collaborating in a feasible way. Here learners can interact with educators, conduct live sessions, ask for their guidance, seek help from their peers or toppers, post their queries on learning groups, etc. However, the same is not possible with online learning platforms. Here students can just learn by opting for various courses and study materials. Now Let’s take a look at the advantages of both of these platforms 

Advantages of Online learning platform

Accessible to learners worldwide

One of the most important reasons why online learning platforms are popular is because they are easily accessible to learners. As long as learners possess an internet connection and a device they can get their hands on various courses and study materials easily.

Updated and Tailored Content

Learners can choose from the courses that suit their educational requirements. As we saw above, here each course is tailored according to the need and budget of the learners. On the other hand, the courses which are published are updated frequently so students can gain new and trending knowledge.

Visually appealing educational content

Courses and study materials that are posted on the online learning software is visually appealing to learners. Educators use a mixture of text, images, graphics to make the learners understand better. This in turn can encourage students to engage in their learning and concentrate better.

Less financial burden

In this approach, learners have to pay less amount of money. These platforms allow learners to choose from free to paid courses depending on the quality and duration of the course. 

Advantages of Social Learning Network

Get connected with Top Educators

A social learning platform enables learners to efficiently collaborate with educators from around the globe. This platform has a wide range of learners who are constantly looking for the top expertise. 

While browsing through this network, they can connect and collaborate with these educators without any worry. 

Get instant feedbacks & solve your queries

Through this network, learners can ask for feedback and get their queries solved immediately. This is because educators are easily available online to solve doubts and provide timely feedback to learners. Also, learners who possess a slow learning speed and who are shy can take advantage of these networks to boost their learning. 

Seek help from peers or toppers

Learners can connect with their peers who are preparing for the same interest and study together. This way they can prepare for their exams or tests with more enthusiasm as they learn with a group of like-minded learners.

On the other hand, these networks have the presence of toppers which will help learners to follow them and ask for guidance. With their tips and strategies, learners can crack their exams easily. 

Increased class participation

Learners can participate more in their online learning as they get constant guidance from their educators, toppers, learn together with their peers, etc. Along with this, they get access to various study materials that contain various digital media to help learners understand the concepts better. 

Benefits to educators

This network is highly beneficial to educators as they can find their potential learners, sell courses, create study materials that improve their technical skills and much more. While using this platform, they can earn a good amount of money and showcase their expertise all around the globe. 

Importance of Online learning platform and Social Learning network in the educational Industry 

Looking at both these forms of learning, you must wonder which one is better? The answer is both of these platforms are better which allows the education industry to function smoothly without any hassle. 

As technology has progressed it has reduced the burden on mankind. As correctly said by Bill gates, “We’re changing the world with technology”

The emergence of these platforms is surely a boon for the educational industry. It can be said that this is why we need online platform for education. The contribution of both these platforms can be used to make the educational industry a much better place for educators and learners. 

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